CASANOVA: One Night Stand CD. Rare Limited Edition, Original 1992 wea. Hard Rock a la HEAVENS EDGE, Bonfire, Firehouse, DANGER DANGER. Check video + audio.


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Label: WEA ‎– 4509-90681-2
Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
Country: Europe
Released 1992
Genre: Hard Rock
1 Guns Say Fire 4:11
2 Ticket To The Moon 5:03
3 I’ll Come Runnin’ 4:14
4 Love’s Crashing Down 4:00
5 The X-tra Mile 4:25
6 One Of These Days (the album’s video) 3:40
7 Wake Up! 4:00
8 Home Is Where The Heart Is 4:15
9 The Doctor Is In 4:39
10 Dead Man’s Hand 4:10
11 Seal It With A Kiss 4:00

Formed in the early days of the 1990s, Casanova is a band that every fan of European melodic rock should know, but few actually do. The German band was put together by producer Henry Staroste, the band featured singer/guitarist Michael Voss of Mad Max fame, drummer Michael Eurich (Warlock), bassist Jochen Mayer and guitarist Stephan Neumeier.

Casanovas 1991 self-titled debut was an absolute classic of European melodic rock, and the band didn’t miss a beat with their follow-up album. Along with Fair Warnings self-titled debut and Bonfires Knock Out, One Night Stand is a brilliant example of the German melodic rock sound in the early `90s. Casanova took the basic American arena rock/AOR formula and added a distinctly European sense of polish and precision. They also took elements from the Hollywood hair metal scene, substituted heart and emotion for spandex and sleaze, and came up with a sound that is completely irresistible.

With One Night Stand in particular, you get a good indication of Casanovas range, from fist-pumping anthems like “Guns Say Fire” to grooving rockers like “The Doctor Is In” to slower numbers like “One of These Days.” As good as those songs are, its the “not too heavy, not too soft” arena rock of “I’ll Come Runnin’,” “Home Is Where the Heart Is” and “Seal It With a Kiss” that show you Casanovas real strength. Those songs bring to mind the best singles from American bands like Giant, Firehouse and Nelson. That, of course, has a lot to do with Michael Voss, whose vocal performance here is nothing short of amazing.

If you’re a fan of the classic European melodic rock sound of bands like Bonfire, Jaded Heart, Treat and Fair Warning, or are a fan of Michael Vosss work in Mad Max, you owe it to yourself to discover Casanova.

I only say: Seal It With a Kiss. GREAT song!!! Michael Voss is one of the best singers out there and that’s it.

one of the best aor albums ever, great singer & songs, este disco es simplemente cojonudo!

Bufff!!! Cojonudoooo!!!!! Vaya discazo, JEJEJE y solo me cost{o 500 pelas!! vamos un chollazo. Guns Say Fire, Seal it whit a Kiss… pero la MEJOR… DEAD MAN’S HAND! YEAH!!!!!

michael voss rules. an album full of power and melody from beginning to end.

When I listen to this album, sometimes I don’t know if I’m hearing Casanova o Fair Warning’s first album… They are really really similar!

This is a great album!i was really enjoyed.This is something like Bonfire, Firehouse etc.Buy this album if you can!!!God bless you and Casanova boys!

yes, I agree just got the album WHAT A VOICE! awesome,..wish they were still together.

Revolving around Teutonic vocal legend Michael Voss, previously seen with 80’s rockers Mad Max, (themselves a fine hard rock band),Casanova are a smooth melodic rock quartet. Taking snippets of fellow German bands Bonfire, Craaft, and at the harder edge of the scale Boysvoice, the Casanova sound is so classy you can’t help but hit the replay button on many of these tracks.

though very rare now ,this album really kicks’s more l.a. style than thousands of american bands that tried to have that sophisticated and aggressive sound at the same time..Sunset rules!

Masterpiece… that’s all!!! A Classic one!!!! This album is in Hall Of Fame at…

‘GUNS SAY FIRE’ KICKED MY ASS HARD:  IT’S A POWERFUL SONG!!!!!!!!!! This is still another huge victory for melodic hard rock. I love the anthemic proportions and sincere verse structure of ‘I’ll come runnin’, but it is the album closer and possible favourite melodic rock song of all time – ‘Seal it with a kiss’ that truly captures me. F*ck me, what a song, and what another superb album. 9/10

Attention!!!! This Casanova CD is very good!!!  Thank God, Casanova is back with an excellent album!!!! Michael Voss once again rulezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!! Cheers!

Excellent album!!!  another slice of melodic rock heaven.can’t say enough good things about this band. one of the best. genius.

‘Seal it with a Kiss’, contains a monster hook and is melodic rock heaven.Looks like everybody loves ‘Seal it With a Kiss.’ Well, add my name to that list, because that is a perfect melodic hard rock song and all by itself makes the album worth owning. Thankfully, however, the rest of the CD is excellent as well, so you’ll have more than one tune to listen to! Honestly, you could play this one night & day for a month straight and not get sick of it. If you love smooth guitars, great vocals, & catchy choruses, then this is a one night stand you won’t regret having.

A real Gem ! Perfect Rockmusic ! Guns say fire and I`ll come runnin,are my faves ! 9/10

Atención a estos tres temazos: I’ll come runnin, Ticket to the moon, Seal it with a kiss

Ticket to the Moon, I’ll come runnin, Home is where the Heart is and the monstrous Seal it with a kiss are my favs.
Great vocals by Voss make for another winner.

“Seal It With A Kiss” is the best track of the album and my favorite along with “I’ll Come Runnin'” & “Home Is Where The Heart Is”…other goodies could be the rocking starter “Guns Say Fire”,the nice ballad “The X-Tra Mile” & the pleasant “One Of These Days”…87/100

Yeah, yeah, we all know “Seal It With A Kiss” is the best track on the album, but not one person has said anything about “Dead Man’s Hand”?!! That song ripped my phuking face off when I first heard it. So much intensity in Voss’ vocals. Incredible. This is a great album front to back. I can’t skip a single track.

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