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Nightfall is the second album by Swedish doom metal band Candlemass, released in 1987. It was the first album to feature Messiah Marcolin on vocals. The cover art of the album is a portrait made by Thomas Cole, the last in his series, “The Voyage of Life”, entitled “Old Age”.
A Video was made for “Bewitched”, featuring Per Yngve Ohlin who was later to become famous under the pseudonym “Dead” as the singer of Norwegian Black-Metal band Mayhem.

Track listing:
1. “Gothic Stone” Edling, Leif 0:48
2. “The Well of Souls” Edling 7:16
3. “Codex Gigas” Edling 2:20
4. “At the Gallows End” Edling 5:48
5. “Samarithan” Edling 5:30
6. “Marche Funebre” Chopin, Frederic 2:22
7. “Dark Are the Veils of Death” Edling 7:08
8. “Mourners Lament” Edling 6:10
9. “Bewitched” Edling 6:38
10. “Black Candles” Wead, Mike 2:18

Bonus CD tracks
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “Bewitched” (Demo) Edling 7:10
2. “Battlecry” (Demo) Edling 6:08
3. “The Well of Souls” (Live) Edling 5:16
4. “Dark Are the Veils of Death” (Live) Edling 4:08
5. “At the Gallows End” (Studio Outtake) Edling 5:50
6. “Mourners Lament” (Studio Outtake) Edling 5:36
7. “Interview” 24:21
8. “Bewitched” (Video) directed by Jonas Åkerlund 7:34

Leif Edling bass guitar
Messiah Marcolin vocals
Mats Björkman guitar
Mike Wead lead guitar (Lars Johansson credited)
Jan Lindh drums

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