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Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses is the debut full-length album by American grindcore band Brutal Truth, released in September 1992 via Earache Records

Music videos were made for “Collateral Damage” (which once held the Guinness World Record for the shortest music video) and “Ill Neglect”.

All tracks written by Brutal Truth.

Label: Earache ‎  MOSH69CD
Format: CD, Album
Country: UK
Released: 1992
No. Title Length
1. “P.S.P.I.” 0:35
2. “Birth of Ignorance” 3:29
3. “Stench of Profit” 1:22
4. “Ill-Neglect” 2:24
5. “Denial of Existence” 4:25
6. “Regression / Progression” 2:34
7. “Collateral Damage” 0:04
8. “Time” 5:58
9. “Walking Corpse” 1:40
10. “Monetary Gain” 3:26
11. “Wilt” 2:54
12. “H.O.P.E.” 2:03
13. “Blockhead” 0:07
14. “Anti-Homophobe” 3:10
15. “Unjust Compromise” (hidden track starts at 10:40) 10:52


  • Colin Richardson – production
  • Jim Welch – production
  • Track 3 is misprinted as “Stench Of Prophet”

    “Unjust Compromise” consists of the track itself until 5:42 and a hidden track (a short jam of “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd) that starts at 10:42.

    ℗&© EARACHE 1992
    Made in the EEC.

    Barcode and Identifiers

    • Barcode: 5018615106920
    • Label Code: LC 6124
    • Other: IRS 996.069
    • Matrix / Runout: 10199771 01 % MOSH69CD

5.0 out of 5 stars Demand The Truth,
This is the second time I’ve purchased this CD. The first time I gave it to a kid to borrow, and never got it back. So, I decided that I needed to hear this album again. It brought back memories. I bought this album when it first came out, and went to see them play and was crushed both by the album and the live show. Brutal Truth were are still are one of the best grind core bands of all time. They stand right up there proudly with Napalm Death and Nasum.

Colin Richardson/Producer did an excellent job of thickening up the one guitar, one bass band. And Kevin Sharp’s vocal performance was ace. People thought he used too many effects and others couldn’t understand how he went from the extreme highs to the lows so well and so frequently. Part of that came from the fact that Dan Lilker also contributed vocally to this beast.

Overall Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses is their best album. Get this album, then buy “”Need to Control”” for some REAL insane grind core.
5.0 out of 5 stars Regression-Progression,
Not every band lives up to its name. Extreme was anything but extreme. Danger Danger was quite safe. Brutal Truth lives up to its name in every way possible. This album is brutal as all hell, and some of the messages it contains are so true it hurts.

Put together by former Anthrax/SOD/Nuclear Assault/insert-huge-list-of-bands-here bassist Dan Lilker and mental hospital outpatient and sometimes journalist Kevin Sharpe, most people thought the band a bit of a gimmick to start with, banking on Lilker’s previous experience. No one expected anything quite so deeply rooted in Grindcore. Drummer Scott Lewis had formerly played for the legendary Winter, the enigmatic late 80s Doom band which played at a glacial pace, so he wasn’t expected to keep up the pace for a Grindcore band. However, Lilker and Sharpe had been studying Japanese Hardcore in some detail, while Sharpe had a liking for power tools. The combination proved deadly. Y’see, Japanese Hardcore isn’t like your every day garden variety Hardcore. It’s not all about burly, sweaty bald men covered in tattoos yelling about unity and vegetarianism. Japanese Hardcore is utterly insane, played so fast, as Sharpe once put it, you need to hold your nuts in a sling. Sounds painful… As for the power tools, Sharpe liked attacking pieces of metal with angle grinders and hammers and recording the resulting racket.

There’s a definite Metal vibe right from the start of “”Birth Of Ignorance””, with the guitar tone, Kevin Sharpe’s growl, the double kick drum rumble, and then the blast beats. This could be put down to Colin Richardson’s production. After all, he’s the man who brought out the metal in Goregrind sickos Carcass and even crusty Punks The Exploited. However, this is Grindcore, not Metal. Sharpe pulls out the screaming demon vocals to go with the death grunt, and there’s no time for any superfluous solos or leads or drum fills.

Second song “”Stench Of Prophet”” is where things really get grinding. Scott Lewis out-blasts the rest of the band with consummate ease. Dan Lilker’s dirty distorted bass makes its presence well and truly known, grumbling so low it upsets seismographs. The riffing is sharp and simple. The overall effect is very clear and intense sounding, at a time when many Grindcore outfits were drowned in distortion and fuzz.

A few tracks stand out above the others. Clocking in at around a minute and a half long, “”Walking Corpse”” is a song built around three incredible bursts of hyper-blastbeat energy. Rather than being a literal tale of zombies and the walking dead, Sharpe rails against the repetitive pointlessness of the nine-to-five existence. It also includes a memorable sample intro of a distressed voice saying “”I hope you make sure we’re properly dead before you start…”” “”Wilt”” is another blast-abusing song, which also has a memorable intro, this time Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan: “”Do you believe in God?”” “”I believe in myself.”” It aims at evangelical religion, an easy but always worthwhile target. It starts with a slow, menacing riff, which pops up between the blasts throughout the song. “”Anti-Homophobe”” was originally misinterpreted by a number of fans as an anti-homosexuality song. It’s as much anti-prejudice as it is pro-gay, but it’s all aggression.

There’s also a small matter of a world record included on this album, all 2.18 seconds of it. “”Collateral Damage”” is a musical marathon alongside Napalm Death’s 0.75 second “”You Suffer””, but it holds the record for the world’s shortest music video. You could watch it 82 times in the space of the average three minute music video.

This isn’t an album where the listener can get bored easily. So much flies past so quickly your subconscious attention shifts from one idea to the next, hoping you can keep up. The political lyrics and the powerful imagery of the cover are highly thought provoking, and a little easier to comprehend than the music. It is also reasonably easy for the average Metal fan to stomach. Alongside Carcass’ `Necroticism: Descanting The Insalubrious’, `Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses’ helped set a new standard for Grindcore, paving the way for outfits like Discordance Axis and Nasum. Grindcore need not be slipshod and amateurish, it could be tight and clear, and Metal fans could listen to it without feeling alienated.
5.0 out of 5 stars this cd has lyrics?,
i love brutal truth & extreme conditions is my favorite of the four i own.i knew the songs had lyrics of course but never had to read them to enjoy them.i guess you would have to read them to know what he’s saying most the time but who cares? this is as intense as it gets w/out getting flat out riddiculous & further more a must have for all you boy george fans.
5.0 out of 5 stars A relic from an age when grindcore was actually intelligent,
Back when grindcore started it was associated with left-wing politics, especially anarchism and (libertarian) socialism. The comments by the d*ckhead below about the song ‘Anti-Homophobe’ show just how far the grindcore scene has ‘progressed’. Now we have totally rubbish bands like Pig Destroyer producing meaningless rubbish, and people think that is grindcore. Real grindcore – at least the grindcore I’d be proud to associate myself with – is Napalm Death, Nausea, Terrorizer, Nasum, and Brutal Truth. As Barney says, the message is in the title of DK’s ‘Nazi Punks F**k Off’, and as Kevin Sharpe said, ‘f**k ’em if they laugh’.


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