BRIGITTE HANDLEY: Identity CD Japanese Import w. OBI. Excellent all girl Alternative/indie/punk/psycho-billy. Check VIDEO.


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Label: Golly Gee

Style:  PunkRockabilly
1 Alien Movies
2 Pesticide
3 Sleeping With A Vampire
4 Identity
5 Bitter Taste
6 Alien Movies – Video Clip

Tales of vampiric love, alienation, self-empowerment and individual expression..

Brigitte’s songs are voiced with a deep, dark-edged sword, full of a presence and attitude that is not to be crossed. Ranging from a full-force rockin’ attack, dripping down to a rich, sombre low delivered with a solemn vow of determination. The sharp lipstick twang of the Danelectro slung low, kicks with a grating bite and shimmers into a silvery vibrato moon.
Imagine Gene Vincent married Marlene Dietrich with a twist of Tim Burton, Dave Vanian and the Sisters of Mercy..”

Brigitte Handley & The Dark Shadows are a Sydney based 3 piece who’s “call to non-conformity” and sound has been described as “indie rock ‘n’ roll with a dark edge and defiant punk attitude”. Brigitte Handley fronts the Dark Shadows on vocals and guitar, along with Carly Chalker on bass, and Nerida Wu on drums, they make no apologies for their fiery assault of their instruments, creating a unique and independent sound and style. Video by the people who bought you ripley radio.