BRICK BATH: I Wont Live The Lie CD This CD owns incredible NON-repetitive Testament, Pantera. Check samples


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1. Inner Peace
2. Bone Dry
3. Pain My Friend
4. Sick of You
5. Undone
6. I Won’t Live the Lie
7. Crucified
8. Simple Life
9. So Wrong
10. Oppression Kills
11. Need
12. Legacy
13. Erased
14. Die Alone
5.0 out of 5 stars This CD owns!!!
This CD is incredible and hard with a great talent in the whole band. The album is great and brutal!!. Vocals are hard, bands incredible.. GREAT GREAT cd!!! NON-REPETITIVE!! MUST BUY!!!

Bands heavily inspired by Pantera usually are a bit tedious, but Brick Bath is
a refreshingly solid entry into the field. Perhaps it’s because the band’s guitar playing has a bit of a
thrashy flair that is reminiscent of Testament’s excellent Low album, which gives the album a more
dynamic. At the foundation, is a very solid grasp of songwriting which offers some quite memorable
hooks and sufficient distinction from one track to the next to prevent the album from dragging its
heels for any notable duration. The vocalist sounds very similar to Phil Anselmo’s screaming voice,
smartly keeping things intelligible and making use of aggressive enunciation patterns to keep the
intensity high. Among the best cuts are the crunchy opener, “”Inner Peace””, with its lethal riffing and
tough-guy chorus, and “”Simple Life””, which features some of the best vocal patterns on the album
with the smart mixture of cleaner backing harmonies and Anselmo-esque snarls upfront.
Songwriting, performance, and production are all very solid]