BOWELMOUTH: Burger Grill CD. Rare, limited edition. Australian classic Thrash with a contemporary edge. Check video



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Bowel Mouths unique style of metal combines your classic thrash with a more contemporary edge, including elements of death, grind and a glimpse of funk. With influences from many bands spanning many genre, Bowel Mouths songs take on the form of metal limericks. Each song is short, sharp and cum on your face good. The music and songs speak for themselves and take a lighthearted and comical approach to metal, finding inspiration not in Satan but your humble dick and fart jokes.

Sometimes described as the court jester of the Melbourne scene, there is no joking when it comes to the quality of Bowel Mouths music. They are tight as a tin can full of spam and they take pride in being that way. There is no question that the dynamics of the band stem from their members’ love of playing live and entertaining a crowd. Sometimes referred to by the band members as ‘relief metal’, the crowd has always responded in a positive way to the BowelMouth brand of metal.

Max Performance guitar, vocals
Roxy Bug Guns bass, vocals
Jimmy Icon drums
1. Fuck Truck
2. Meat Curtains
3. Dutch Oven
4. Jack Hammer
5. Milk Man
6. Porcelain Train
7. Bath Plugs
8. Cowgirl
9. Fur Burger
10. Hook Dick
11. Rooster Grip
12. Turkey Slappin’
13. Mexican Facewash
This power trio (Max Performance of guitars, Roxy Big Guns on bass, Jimmy Icon on drums) from Melbourne (that sleepy little town Down Under) are working the humor angle in metal, both rare and somewhat refreshing in this age of utterly serious metal “creators”. A quick glance at the song titles provides a good touchstone. “Fuck Truck”, “Milk Man”, “Fur Burger”, “Turkey Slappin'”, “Mexican Facewash”; this isn’t all cheesy evil cliches, but it is chook full of chunky goodness.

Pretty good band, actually, seen from a musical point of view. They play fast, loud metal topped off by the twin vocal attack of Max and Roxy. At times I can hear a more grindcore attack working through the metal. Thirty minutes long and most songs don’t clock in over two minutes. If you are a connoisseur of underground Australian metal you’ll probably find enough to like on here.
Theres not enough humor in metal these days; and honestly, I’d rather listen to this than be tortured with ambient and/or orchestral “evil” which I’m supposed to take seriously.


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