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Boss Samplerage 4 disc1 (Boss Tuneage 5120)
Punk Various Artists
Length: 01:18:47

Something With Numbers – Denenenenenena
Reno Divorce – Hard Luck Story
The Unknown – Postcard
The Milwaukees – Medicine Heat
Words Away – Digging Holes
Ipanema – Skull
Kick Joneses – Hate List
Benny – Bigfut
Snot Rockets – I Hate Punk Rock Girls
Shortcut To Newark – Souvenir
The Pavers – Split Shifter
All Systems Go – Running Blind
Manifesto Jukebox – Trail
Baby Little Tablets – Up To 38
Barefoot – Stop
Brock Pytel – Science Fiction
Wasted – Hands Untied
Southpaw – Halo
Skeeter – King
Annalise – Look At You, Superhero
La Motta – Love California
Doughboys – Stranger From Within
K-Line – The Escape
Woolworthy – Wallflower
Exit Condition – October Spring
Blocko – Fibs

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