BOSS TUNEAGE: 2004 Sampler compilation 25 songs CD British Independent Punk record label. Check videos. Free for CD orders of £28+


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British Independent Punk record label

Label: Boss Tuneage ‎– BOSSTMAY2004
Format: CD, Promo, Sampler
Country: UK
Released: May 2004
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk, Pop Punk, Indie Rock
1 –K-Line Hostage To Finance
2 –I Walk The Line Demons Are Forever
3 –Blocko Points
4 –Lukestar A Place Apart
5 –The Milwaukees Thinking Like A Genius
6 –Exit Condition Zero Gain
7 –All Systems Go All I Want
8 –Reno Divorce A .45 Will Pay The Rent
9 –The Unknown Merry Go Round
10 –The Phoenix Foundation Dawn Will Fade Away
11 –Benny Forty Foot (Edit)
12 –Wasted Cheated & Misled
13 –Life…But How To Live It?* Green
14 –Chillerton Prejudice Discrimination
15 –All One Word No Second Chances (Demo Version)
16 –Beezewax On The Floor
17 –Textbook Railway Station
18 –Travis Cut In Transit
19 –Barefoot Fallout
20 –Shortcut To Newark Fall Apart (Demo Version)
21 –Southpaw Out
22 –Skeeter Crash It Good
23 –Anal Beard Lad Mag
24 –Lunasuit* Pastime (Unmixed)
25 –Pavers Backwards

Track 1 Taken from the “How You Gonna Scare Us Now?” LP/CD, BOSTAGE5108
Track 2 Taken from the “Badlands” LP/CD, BOSTAGE5129
Track 3 Taken from the “Blocko” LP/CD, BOSTAGE5106
Track 4 Taken from the forthcoming “Alpine Unit” CD, BOSTAGE5141
Track 5 Taken from the “This Is A Stick Up!” LP/CD, BOSTAGE595
Track 6 Taken from the “1988-1994” CD, BOSTAGE5102
Track 7 Taken from the forthcoming LP/CD, BOSTAGE5121
Track 8 Taken from the “You’re Only Making It Worse” CD, BOSTAGE5107
Track 9 Taken from the “Radio Lied To Me”, BOSTAGE599
Track 10 Taken from the split 7″ with Red Cabaret, BOSTAGE719
Track 11 Taken from the “All Things Come To An End” MCD, BOSTAGE5134
Track 12 Taken from the “Here We Go Again” CD, BOSTAGE5132
Track 13 Taken from the forthcoming double CD discography
Track 14 Taken from the split 10″ picture disc with When All Else Fails, BOSTAGEPD5135
Track 15 A rerecorded version will appear on the forthcoming split 7″ with Barefoot
Track 16 Taken from the forthcoming “A Dozen Summits” CD, BOSTAGE5130
Track 17 Taken from the “Smoke Em If You Got Em” CD, BOSTAGE568
Track 18 Taken from the forthcoming CD, BOSTAGE591
Track 19 Taken from the forthcoming MCD, BOSTAGE5143
Track 20 A properly recorded version of this will feature on the debut CD, BOSTAGE5131
Track 21 Taken from the “Trajectories” CD, BOSTAGE5113
Track 22 Taken from the “Instant Singles Collection Vol 2” CD, BOSTAGE5116
Track 23 Taken from the “Din Noir” CD, BOSTAGE5139
Track 24 Taken from the “Summer Season” CD, BOSTAGE5142
Track 25 Taken from the “Return To The Island Of No Return” LP/CD, BOSTAGE585

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