BORGO PASS: Slightly Damaged CD. Rare and limited. Stoner Rock, Doom, Sludge. Check video and audio


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Rare and limited. Stoner Rock, Doom, Sludge.

Slightly Damaged
Borgo Pass
Type: EP
Release date: 2002
Label: Self-released/independent
1. I’ve Been Down 04:23

2. Shame 4:07

3. CamaroCrashHelmet 4:15

4. Razorline 4:08

It is quite hard to pigeonhole them really as they combine elements from established (Stoner, Metal, grunge) bands that have music styles that are very different to each other. What is very exciting though is that they have
managed to combine those elements without really copying any other band. In fact they have managed to successfully combine that stuff and come up with something that is fresh, exciting, varied, emotional, energetic and very
high class.
Every single song is a little diamond. From highly energetic rockers to ultra emotional slower stuff -that some people might call “ballads” – they manage
to impress the listener no end.
Amazing release! Buy this masterpiece before it gets sold out!


Borgo Pass
The term sludge surfaces again. This means that Borgo Pass from USA feels more at home with a band like Fu Manchu than the very slow type of stoner rock produced by Sleep. The Quintet gets enthusiastic about drag races, motorbikes, and sand blowing. Borgo pass from Baldwin NY plays with the same kind of tension as Kyuss did. They know how to combine the tender sound, guitar solos filled with fuzz and wahwah, up-tempo explosions and pounding drums. At some moments, a band like Alice In Chains comes to mind. But you can also hear some Corrosion Of Conformity. Wasn’t that the band that was one of the first to admit to be heavily influenced by Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy? Borgo Pass is twisting through every corner to mix grunge, stoner, sludge and seventies metal. Its like a blueprint and manual for everything thats still happening after Kyuss, Alice In Chains and Soundgarden.
(96 out of 100)

–Aardschok Magazine / The Netherlands

Borgo Pass / Slightly Damaged
Theres not a damn thing damaged on this hard hitting and bottom heavy outfit from Long Islands latest disc, as Borgo Pass rip through five tracks of Sabbath fueled hard rock and balls out, blues laden tunes. With vocals that are as belligerent as a drill sergeants yell, BP back up the growl with an equally low end din that hits hard both in the head and in the gut (“I’ve Been Down”). Bands like this don’t come around too often, folks, as their honest mix of stoner rock riffs, tight rhythms and superb songwriting will make you stand up and take notice. If Sixty Watt Shaman and Clutch is your bag (“Steelbloodacidgod”), mixed with a good heaping of Down and COC, Borgo Pass will be your new favorite band, guaranteed.
–Mike / SOS Productions


Borgo Pass / Slightly Damaged
Long live sludge rock. Borgo Pass’ follow-up to its second long-player, “Powered by Sludge,” is this five-song metallurgists dream. “Camaro Crash Helmet” and “SteelBloodAcidGod” stand above the sludge here, with the latter being a neck- snapping call for the nearest chiropractor. Pass the napacin, kids.


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