BOOMERANG: Weaveworld CD 2002. non-compromising powerful true Heavy Metal. Check whole album (audio)


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BOOMERANG: Weaveworld CD
It features eight brand new songs and a re-recorded version of the song “”The Cold One””, the most popular track from their ’99 demo. All tracks represent the groups delight in playing their unique style containing rough, aggressive Metal and melodic, folkish sounds. From high-paced sound-stampedes like “”Mourning Sun”” to mid-tempo battle songs like “”Of Blood And Honour”” the album creates an intense epic atmosphere. The duelling arrangement of the two vocal-lines makes that kind of hook line, that’ll never leave your ears voluntarily. On “”Weaveworld””, you will only find non-compromising powerful Heavy Metal!

Check whole album (audio):

  • 1. Mourning Sun 5:08

  • 2. Keepers of Light 4:59

  • 3. The Cold One 4:12

  • 4. Into the Night 4:55

  • 5. Weaveworld 7:05

  • 6. Shores of Ithaka 4:42

  • 7. Like Black Like White 4:42

  • 8. Dismantling Fortress Architecture 6:09

  • 9. Of Blood and Honour 6:17

  • Total length: 48:09

Total playing time 48:12

Axel Johann: vocals
Thomas Fahrnbach: guitar
Stefan Zobel: guitar
Stefan Gratzinger: bass
Andreas Reichard: drums