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Performance & Technique features Jarzombek in action performing the frenzied Cancer” and “School,” as well as the Latin-flavored “So It Ain’t!” highlighting Bobbys intricate double bass drum wizardry and his penchant for syncopated rhythms and odd-time signatures. Two extended drum solos and a “Live in Japan” on-stage blowout showcase Jarzombeks mastery of visu al FX such as stick twirling, tosses, and backsticking, accompanied by a narrated in-depth demonstration. On the instructional side, an 11-step double bass drum workout delves into the how-to of taking two bass drum notes and applying them to sticking patterns to create a variety of rhythmic combinations for fills (soloing) and beats.

Associated acts Riot, Sebastian Bach, Halford, Spastic Ink, Fates Warning, Arch/Matheos, PainMuseum, Demons and Wizards, Iced Earth, Rob Rock

5.0 out of 5 stars Get Ready to Get Inspired
This is a great VHS that will just flat-out inspire you to take your double bass playing (and overall playing) to the next level. I have owned MANY instructional videos and this is definitely top 5 all-time. No other metal or double bass instructional DVD even comes close. Pro shots, great tunes that Bobby plays with, lots of content here. I always go back to it when I am searching for new ideas.
Without question, I would recommend this to any drummer out there thinking of mastering two kicks.

5.0 out of 5 stars fun video
I really enjoyed this video. his playing with the backing music is really awesome, but don’t look to this as much of a drum lesson video. he doesn’t teach that much if you already know what you are doing. he has a basic idea of learning double bass and some stick twirling kind of like a beginners guide to heavy metal. Overall .. watching this dude play is pretty crazy

5.0 out of 5 stars Jarzombek ROCKS!!!
I knew Mr. Jarzombek to be primarily a “metal” drummer but was pleasantly surprised that he is that and much more in this enjoyable VHS. He clips include some rock playing and some more involved work that shows off his exceptional talent quite well. The “Bonus” features were a lot of fun to watch with “behind the scenes” segments that brought some insight into studio work and live soundchecking of the drum kit. All in all a great VHS from a brilliant performer and really down to earth guy.

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