BOBNOXIOUS: s.t, 1st, debut CD. RARE. Heavy Metal Rock & Roll Party Music. A masterpiece. Check videos


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Heavy Metal Rock & Roll Party Music
Bobnoxious is the brainchild of Bob J. Reid (Razor, S.F.H.). Hailing out of London Ontario

1 Big Cannons Bobnoxious 2:56
2 Rock & Roll Bobnoxious 2:31
3 Rock the Monster Bobnoxious 4:45
4 Won’t Go Quietly Bobnoxious 3:06
5 Rue the Day Bobnoxious 2:18
6 I’d Never Say Bobnoxious 3:57
7 F#ck Off Bobnoxious 2:55
8 Burn Bobnoxious 3:24
9 I Scream Bobnoxious 4:32
10 Reaction Bobnoxious 2:25
11 Stupid Things Bobnoxious 3:13
12 Again Again Bobnoxious 3:05
13 Stoned at Large Bobnoxious 4:38
14[Untitled Hidden Track]Bobnoxious 3:50


An up and coming band from Southern Ontario. Lead singer & founding member Bob Reid says “Like us or not, you can’t ignore us!” Kick ass live show, and the record doesn’t disappoint. If you like hard rock you will like it, and *GASP* the lyrics are actually good, too. No, it is not all screaming. You may have heard the songs “Won’t Go Quietly” (heavy radio play across Ontario) or “Big Cannons” (theme song for Brads Friday Night Basement Party) without knowing it. These guys were already honoured on VH1.
This is a great debut, not too heavy, and I would expect that any rock fan would appreciate it. Whether you like hardcore, metal, punk, or rock & roll, it will have something for you to enjoy.
No matter if you get in on it now or wait until they are household names, you will want this.

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