BLOOD STAINED HOST: Individual Theatre CD Dark / Melodic / Doom / Death Metal 47 Minutes. Check samples. Highly recommended


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Uncompromising waves of rhythmic aggression and power drill intonation guide this work, overlapping a wall of noise with dark and gloomy harmonies. Guitar and bass wail together in culminating violence, tuned not as much to the muffled chopping noise but the singing resonance of the lightspeed strumming hereto employed. This rhythm is cloaked in the abrasive mechanical tone of the amplification/distortion and the coarse textural whisper of death metal vocals, muted in relativity to the pounding release behind it. And the fact that the singer sounds like he gargles razor blades for breakfast, certainly doesn’t hurt any!

1. Like Trees Of Inquietude 05:04 2. Embrace Me 06:00 3. Frozen Lake 06:00 4. The Sky Cries 06:06  5. Celestial Awakening 02:56 6. Self Isolation 09:15 7. Lost Temple 05:35 8. Misanthropy 06:27

Total playing time 47:23