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Absolute Power Blitzkrieg
Type: Full-length
Release date: 2002
Label: Edgy

1. Blitzkrieg Legion 04:28
2. Soul Stealer 03:34
3. Who Takes The Fall ? 03:21
4. Enchanted Tower 05:58
5. We’ll Rock Forever 03:17
6. Terror Zone 03:44
7. Hamunaptra 01:02
8. Dark City 05:00
9. The Face Of Death 04:28
10. DV8R 06:06
11. Metalizer 03:56
12. Feel The Pain 06:08

This album by veteran British band Blitzkrieg seems to have been recorded at the beginning of the eighties. Its almost incredible: production values, songs, vocal approach, everything will make you feel that this album was indeed recorded somewhere around 1980-1982 and only released now!

Once you listen to Legion your wait is rewarded with Nesbitts grinding, razor sharp riff opener. This song is truly a highlight of the album.

Second track Soul stealer gives you a sense of change somewhat for the Krieg lads, Ross vocals are deeper and darker. Not too mention the Zakk Wlyde style of guitar playing Nesbitt pulls off, which I dont mind at all.
Face of death delivers us the same notch of speed and grind as on legion, once again I cant get over how much Ross vocals have developed.
One of my favourite tracks however is Enchanted tower, the soothing intro, the chord crunching bridge and synthesisers form to bind a great heavy metal song. Im sure after a few listens youll be screaming the chorus over and over again as I know I was.

Well rock forever is the best song in this album.
Terror zone is a breath of fresh air & its dark sounding melody will have you hooked. The verse itself had me, however I will always appreciate a song that can change gears between riffs.
Now onto Dark city, Im sure most of you would have seen the film. This song tributes and aids to what was a great film, (by the way the matrix ripped off this film). Watch out for the double bass in this, it will rattle your ears.

Ok maybe my absolute favourite is without a doubt Who takes the fall? Ross vocals carry the song, and the lyrics accomplish what becomes another melodic classic. Once again you get the feeling that this also could have been on Mists.
The final 3 songs DV8R, Metalizer and Feel the pain finish off what is yet another comeback, as if to say were not dead yet! We have much more horizons to sail towards.

If youre a fan of power and traditional metal youll love this one, this music is not for the weak or glam hearted alike.
Long live the Krieg!

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