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Super Classic Thrash Metal Band of the 80’s, Blessed Death, returns with 11 skull crushing, flesh melting tracks of chaos and mass destruction from their infamous 1991 recording sessions.


BLESSED DEATH arrived on the metal scene in the 1984. They released their debut album KILL OR BE KILLED in 1985 (currently out of print) which featured their own unique blend of heavy speed, power, death and destruction. The album quickly gained a lot of attention among the underground scene, especially in Europe. It has grown to be an 80s thrash metal classic featuring a song that has become somewhat of a legend and metal anthem Knights of Old Bridge.
Two years later BLESSED DEATH released their second album DESTINED FOR EXTINCTION in 1987 (also currently out of print). This album took on a much more extreme and aggressive direction than the first, featuring an all out onslaught of furious thrash speed metal while still retaining their signature heavy doom laden edge.
From Plasmatzees Blessed Death web page: One of the fastest and heaviest albums of all time, and what’s best, the band did not forget to include a good portion of melody (not a contradiction!) while making full use of my beloved guitar solo battles between the left and the right channel. The perfect combination of heaviness, speed, melody, doom, death, and an ever present atmosphere.
BLESSED DEATHs’ unique and original approach to metal was a result of a broad range of influences, from Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple to Judas Priest, MotorHead, Slayer, Merciful Fate, Voivod and Celtic Frost.
Dueling guitar solos at lightning fast speeds, a rock crushing rhythm section, haunting harmonies, vicious vocals with earth shattering screams, combined with a very PISSED OFF attitude, made up for a sound like no other, with a rage that rips through your soul.
BLESSED DEATHs latest release HOUR OF PAIN was actually recorded back in 1991. They disbanded shortly thereafter in 1992, and as a result of their departure, along with other problems, the recording was never released. 15 years later, after an ever growing demand from emails and message board posts, the band decided to independently release their final work.
HOUR OF PAIN is a true to life representation of what the band was experiencing and feeling at that point in their lives. The collapse of the Berlin Wall, the growing threat of terrorism, war, Earths’ destiny as a result of mankind’s wasteful and destructive nature, the rising population of phoney people with delusional self-centered notions of what life is about, and a general discontent for modern society.
The material on HOUR OF PAIN portrays a more confident and refined writing style. It truly reflects all of the bands’ musical influences without compromising their originality or heavy dark and aggressive sound. The first half of the album showcases slower and more melodic tracks that progress into a complete barrage of furious and relentless thrash tunes. Whether you’re into speed, thrash, power, alternative, progressive, death, goth, black, doom, whatever, there is something in this album that everyone can connect with.

I’m not really sure what happened to Blessed Death in the late 80’s, I know a lot of people expected even greater things after ‘Destined for Extinction’ and it just never happened, now finally it has!!

‘Destined for Extinction’ has to be one of the greatest metal albums of the late 80’s, thrash with doom laden riffs, there really is nothing that compares…perhaps Carnivore would be close (another of my late 80’s favs) but they are more hardcore crossover.

Thank you to Blessed Death for releasing this material, I look forward to listening!!!
An absolute CLASSIC of lost THRASH!
Ahhh, Blessed Death. They did 2 killer albums in the 1980’s and disappeared. Well, so you thought. This CD is what was supposed to be their 3rd album recorded in 1990. Had this come out, Blessed Death would have proven to be one of the FEW bands to exit the 80’s and sound as heavy or even HEAVIER than they were. It’s CLASSIC Blessed Death. Mostly pounding thrash or power metal with that trademark voice. I love the higher-end shrieks. There are one or two songs that tend to lull things a bit, but the killer tracks outnumber those two, so who cares!!! This CD totally rules! Headbanging can not be avoided, and there are so many catchy riffs and killer guitar solos. A must-buy and a good deal. Support TRUE METAL! And a Blessed Death to all…..
Great, and just in time!
Slightly slower than the second LP, but possibly because of that (even) more mature. I can’t wait to buy Blessed Death’s fourth album in ten years time! “”and a blessed death to all””……..
Buy it, this CD keep the band’s brutality, merged with beautiful melodic passages. Is incredible. Buy it!!!!!!!!
Just a brief word saying how pleased I was with the release of your much-rumoured third album, ‘Hour of Pain’. I own both your first two albums on original vinyl playing my copy of DTE to death, it must be said. I was surprised and thrilled to hear that you finally released ‘Hour of Pain’. It’s amazing – just like the Blessed Death of old, combining the first two records of Sabbath-sludge and Slayer-speed, and those incredible high-pitched vocals …!
Thanks again for 3 awesome metal albums. Long live Blessed Death!
Hail the Knights Of Old Bridge!!
Blessed Death was one of those truly great metal bands that just slipped through the cracks and didn’t get the exposure that they should have gotten. These guys will always be underground legends though, and I wouldn’t part with any of thier recordings for any amount of money. Hour Of Pain is an excellent follow-up to Destined For Extinction and features everything that made their other LPs so outstanding; great songwriting, breakneck speed, awesome musicianship, and a genuine passion for what they were playing. Awesome band.
Having heard the demo tracks, I CAN’T WAIT to get my mitts on this… Blessed Death is my favorite thrash band ever, hands down. I’m lucky to have gotten to see them twice in the 80’s.
Long live…..Blessed Death !
This is an amazing CD !! …as I knew it would be …I’ve been listening to their first two albums Kill or be Killed and Destined for Extinction for about 20 years now and they’re still two of my all time favs …I feel like this CD is a gift from Blessed Death to all us old hardcore Blessed Death fans …one of the best REAL metal bands of all time !! …LONG LIVE BLESSED DEATH !!
Fantastic!! Nothing to say more, BUY OR DIE!!!!!!
Insane thrash metal with a goth rock approach to it
Not Blessed Death’s best album (which to me remains “”Destined For Extinction””) but definitely second to it and hey, it still deserves the maximum rating.
Insane thrash metal with a goth rock approach to it, a bunch of prog elements thrown in and a very knightly general feel. In other words: Classic thrash metal at its best. What more can you ask for? Thanks for getting it released !
This new CD is a freakin’ monster. Blessed Death was one of the few bands that were truly and honestly authentic. Their
sound is completely all their own. The attack is balls deep and on a mission. I can’t stress strongly enough how ‘creative’ this record is. It’s damned complicated too, without being pretentious though. It is complicated not for embellishment, but out of necessity, to express what needs to be said. And on top of all of that, is this clean, sweet engineering job. Fantastic production. Really different direction in the vocal style also. It’s unexpected and enjoyable. A phenomenal accomplishment. Well worth the wait.
Unique and interesting killer thrash. Blessed Death stand in their own feet and don’t copy another thrash bands. One of a kind metal that thrashes your soul with bloody hammers. Songs like Hour Of Pain, Black Snow Sky, Resurrection Earth are best metal ever made. This album is pure classic I wonder why we have to wait so great album so long time?
Wow ! Awesome Thrash CD Mandatory !!! Buy or Die
I can’t begin to say how truly great this CD is , If you like real METAL , just get it , you wont be disappointed .I love this Band !!! and you should too !!! Perfect !!
As good as is gets. These songs are right in the same vein as Destined for Extinction. Highly recommended for any thrashin’ fan. I’m eternally gratful to band members for getting this released, as I hoped it one day would be. Many thanks.
Classic Thrash in 2006!?
That’s right, this brings you back to the days of when Thrash / Speed Metal REALLY existed. If you’re tired of all of the crap out there now, get this. It’s not exactly “”new”” material, but it will be new and refreshing to your ears being unreleased until now! Support the real deal. THRASH!
*Finally …….. revenge
Unbelievable that this CD hasn’t been released before. It takes Blessed Death to a new level of majestic Thrash metal. Going from fast and melodic, to insane guitar patterns, sturdy rhythm section and spine chilling vocals. Absolutely the best thing they ever recorded. Hopefully this CD will bring Blessed Death the recognition they deserve for so long: to the top of the Thrash metal ranks.
Unbelievable,well worth the 15 year wait
This is truly the best Blessed Death CD ever. It is hard to believe that they could top destined for extinction. It is an absolute masterpiece of angry mind blowing melodic thrash metal. Once again they prove that they were more than a typical thrash band.

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