BLACKOUT: S/T CD melodic heavy death black thrash and progressive metal impressive record of very high standard.
BLACKOUT: S/T CD melodic heavy death black thrash and progressive metal impressive record of very high standard.
BLACKOUT: S/T CD melodic heavy death black thrash and progressive metal impressive record of very high standard.

BLACKOUT: S/T CD melodic heavy death black thrash and progressive metal impressive record of very high standard.


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BLACKOUT is a French melodic heavy death band born in 1999 an quality music influenced by everything good in the metal scene. They mix speed, heavy, thrash, death, black and progressive metal in the best way. The songs have some pretty complex structures, with lots of breaks, solos, some very melodic parts and some really enraged others. melodic but powerful, heavy metal, death and thrash, brutal but progressive, the music played by BLACKOUT reminds us such as CHILDREN OF BODOM, DEATH, CORONER, HAMMERFALL at times. BREAKPOINT has developed a guitar-based, against the grain style with miscellaneous, sophisticated riffs. The solid rhythmic bases of the songs put forward catchy choruses, sung either in English or in French. In short, don’t miss this record, it really kicks some serious ass

1. Keys of Time 06:45
2. Hidden Borders 05:16
3. Wasted Life 05:06
4. I Used to Live 06:23

Total playing time 23:30

Form ds 1996, BLACKOUT, groupe originaire de la rgion sud/est, ralise sa premire dmo aprs avoir remport un tremplin local. Malgr un son plus que moyen, on devine dj  un potentiel certain. Aprs l’arrive d’un nouveau bassiste qui marque une nouvelle re pour le groupe, BLACKOUT dcide d’aller plus loin et surtout espre faire avancer les choses en enregistrant de manire auto-produite un maxi-CD. Hormis le fait que la pochette et l’artwork soient soigns(gr¢ce au travail de Denis Bellone), ce maxi-CD est mix par Mamad et Thierry Braets (AGRESSOR, BLOODTHORN, LOFOFORA, DEVILIUM, IMPERIAL SODOMY) au Studio Praxis. Ainsi contrairement   la premire dmo, les trois nouvelles compos   savoir “”Keys of time””(6’45),””Hidden borders””(5’16),””Wasted life””(5’06) et la version rarange de “”Bewitched”” qui est devenue pour l’occasion “”I used to live””(6’23) (avec des lyrics changs), s’apprcient   leur juste valeur.

Et pour cause “”Keys of time”” calme l’auditeur d’entre de jeu avec une rythmique implaccable (qui le sera de bout en bout des 4 chansons si l’on ne tient videmment pas compte des courts interludes au piano ou synth).Le chant qui y dboule de nulle part s’est amlior depuis les dbuts du groupe pour atteindre une maturit impressionante qui se rapproche avec ses traits
d’agressivit et de rapidit, pour exemples,d’un Anders Friden (IN FLAMES) ou d’un Speed (SOILWORK), tout en conservant cependant un certain charisme indispensable   toute identit d’un groupe se rfrant   la voix de son chanteur.Ce dernier laisse sa place au guitariste, indiscutablement dou par son jeu, qui pose sa voix claire sur des refrains ou couplets plus mlodiques.
Car les chansons de BLACKOUT sont composes de breaks subtils entre un death/trash carr et des mlodies purement heavy, de surcroit lyriques.Et c’est l  toute l’originalit du groupe qui fait toute la diffrence avec une majeure partie des combos rcents ayant du talent mais n’arrivant plus   s’extirper de la conventionalit.Alternant entre ces deux styles sans tomber   aucun moment dans l’indigestion, tous les breaks se suivent et ne forment aucune lassitude   leur coute.Orchestrs de grande manire, ils permettent ainsi d’offrir des compos compactes et fluides   tel point que le talent certain de chacun des musiciens est presque oubli, tellement les chansons paraissent d’une limpidit auditive parfaite.

Car mªme si les musiciens dbordent de qualit, ils ne se laissent   aucun moment aller   des dmonstrations techniques inutiles qui viendraient alourdir l’ossature des chansons.Cela reste contenu pour donner plus de fra®cheur en laissant deviner une forte cohsion entre les musiciens.Ce qui me permet de rsumer en affirmant que BLACKOUT joue du death/trash progressif coupl   un power-heavy mlodique.Seules des coutes de cette galette de 23 minutes vous permettront d’apprcier un combo bourr d’nergie crative et talentueuse dont l’originalit leur permet de se dmarquer d’une scne qui se renouvelle que trop rarement. Et c’est certainement l  un atout non ngligeable si ce n’est crucial.

Blackout ?- Keys Of Time
Label: Perennial Quest Records – BLK-25
Format: CD, Maxi-Single
Country: France
Released: 2002
Genre: Heavy Metal
1 Keys Of Time 6:45
2 Hidden Borders 5:16
3 Wasted Life 5:06
4 I Used To Live 6:23
Bass – Nacim Virieux
Drums – Seb Camhi
Guitar – Julien Wack
Keyboards – Laurent Salvia
Vocals – Fred Magnante
Engineered at Praxis Studio.
Mastered at l’Autre Studio.

Formed in 1996, BLACKOUT group from the south / east region of France, made ??his first demo after winning a local platform. After the arrival of a new bass player who marks a new era for the band, BLACKOUT decided to go further and especially hoped to move forward manner by recording a self-produced a maxi-CD. Apart from the fact that the cover and artwork are treated (through the work of Denis Bellone), this maxi-CD is mixed by Mamad and Thierry Braets (AGRESSOR, BLOODTHORN, LOFOFORA, DEVILIUM, Imperial Sodomy) at Studio Praxis. And unlike the first demo, the three new songs namely “”Keys of time”” (6’45) “”Hidden borders”” (5’16) “”Wasted Life”” (5’06) and the version of rarange “”Bewitched “”which became the occasion for”” I used to live “”(6’23) (with lyrics changed), to appreciate their true value. And because “”Keys of time”” calm the listener input game with a rhythmic implaccable (which will end at the end of the 4 songs if it obviously does not take into account the short interludes on the piano or synth). singing who tumbles out of nowhere has improved since the beginning of group to reach a maturity that approximates impressive features with its aggressiveness and speed, for example, a Anders Friden (IN FLAMES) or Speed ??(SOILWORK), while still retaining a certain charisma essential to any group identity referring to the voice of his last chanteur.Ce gives way to the guitarist, unquestionably endowed by his game, which raises his voice clear choruses or verses more melodic. BLACKOUT Because the songs are composed of breaks subtle between death / thrash square and heavy melodies pure, moreover lyriques.Et this is the originality of the group that makes all the difference with most recent combos with talent but more coming s root out the conventionalit. Alternant between these two styles at any time without falling in indigestion, breaks all follow and form no weariness of their coute. Orchestrs great way, they allow us to offer compact and composed of fluid to the point that some of the talent each musician is almost forgotten, so the songs seem a perfect clarity hearing. because even if the musicians are full of quality, they do not leave any time to go to technical demonstrations unnecessary would burden the rest frame of chansons. Cela content to give more freshness hinting at a strong cohesion between musicians. Ce allows me summarize by saying that BLACKOUT plays death / trash coupled with a progressive power-heavy melodic. Only listen to the 23 minutes you will enjoy a combo full of energy and talented creative originality which allows them to stand out in a scene that is repeated too often. And this is certainly an important asset if it is not crucial.”