BLACKFOOT: Marauder LP 1981 Check Good Morning, Diary Of A Workingman, Too Hard To Handle, Rattlesnake Rock ‘N’ Roller, Searchin’. + 2 video reviews of the album


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By this point in their career Jacksonville based Blackfoot were reaping the rewards of over ten years of dedicated work. The band had been on a nonstop treadmill of recording and gigging, carving out a dedicated following in not only the US but also in Europe where their southern star was very much in the ascendancy.
Indeed, the band’s tour with the Scorpions pretty much saw them take all the accolades leaving no doubt as to which of the two groups was the hot ticket.
Scorpions’ Klaus Meine said; “Blackfoot surprised with their incredibly energetic show and quality musicianship. They were better than us on stage”.

Produced, once again, by manager Al Nalli, and former Brownsville Station member Henry ‘H-Bomb’ Weck, the sound on “Marauder” is tight but loose, allowing the songs to amplify their southern rock linage to the max.
Packed out with essential tracks, including the rampaging ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Dry County’, the anthemic ‘Payin’ For It’, the reflective ballad ‘Diary Of A Working Man’ and the epic ‘Searchin’, this album rocks with loads of groove.
There’s even another guest appearance from Rickey’s grandpa, Shorty Medlocke, who blows a mean harp on ‘Rattlesnake Rock ‘n Roller’.

“Marauder’ was Blackfoot’s fifth album, allowing founding father and frontman Ricky Medlocke to lead the band to what is generally regarded as the last truly great Blackfoot studio album, purely hard, driving rock.
This is one of the finest southern rock albums ever recorded.
Highly Recommended

This reviewers’ favoured Blackfoot album EVER:


Label: ATCO Records ‎– K 50799
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: UK
Released: 1981
Genre: Rock, Southern Rock, Hard Rock, Blues Rock
A1 Good Morning
A2 Payin’ For It
A3 Diary Of A Workingman
A4 Too Hard To Handle
A5 Fly Away
B6 Dry County
B7 Fire Of The Dragon
B8 Rattlesnake Rock ‘N’ Roller
B9 Searchin’
Rickey Medlocke – lead vocals, guitar
Charlie Hargrett – guitar
Greg T. Walker – bass guitar, keyboards, vocals
Jakson Spires – drums, percussion, vocals
additional musicians:
Henry Weck – percussion
Shorty Medlocke – harmonica
Magic Rooster, Pat McCaffrey – horns, keyboards
Donna Davis, Pamela Vincent – backing vocals

For a brief time back in the early eighties Florida four-piece Blackfoot were serious pretenders to Lynryd Skynyrd Southern Rock crown. Always with the emphasis more towards hard rock than their country-tinged predecessors, their creative efforts certainly touched a chord with British audiences, bolstered by some truly incendiary concerts.

Chart Positions: UK: 38, USA: 47

Marauder is the fifth studio album of Southern rock band Blackfoot, released in 1981. The album continued in the same vein as their previous successes, “Strikes” and “Tomcattin`”. Opening up with the heavy “Good Morning”, and including the excellent ballad “Diary Of A Workingman”, “Marauder” showcases a range of depth and variety allied to their tried and trusted Southern rock. “Marauder” also sported the hit “Fly Away”, which reached #42, and another triumphant Shorty Medlocke appearance on the energetic “Rattlesnake Rock n’ Roller”. Album closer “Searching” is another entry to the Southern rock canon of slow building guitar epics, in the manner of Lynyrd Skynyrd`s “Freebird”, and their own “Highway Song”. “Marauder” was the last of their albums that were purely hard, driving, rock – they unsuccessfully introduced synthesizers to their sound through the 1980s, and their popularity waned. Eduardo Rivadavia describes “Marauder” as “…one of the band best hard rockers to date”, and “the last great Blackfoot album”. The band officially broke up amid declining fortunes in the mid-80, though Medlocke resumed recording under the name Blackfoot a few years later. He is now, again, a member of Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Late in the year 1980 it’s back in Ann Arbor. To begun work on the album Marauder. The first single ‘Diary Of A Working Man’ gets extensive radio play over in Europe. But not so much everywhere else. Other good hits ‘Fly Away’ ‘Rattlesnake Rock N Roller’ become must play songs for the band live. Dry County is a song that has been bouncing around since the first album. Written about the bands run from the dry county of Muscle Shoals over to the Tennessee line. August 22 1981 the album has been out and selling ok. The band begins to clearly gain more success in Europe than America.


Now comes the Monsters of Rock show. With AC/DC and Whitesnake at Castle Donnington Park, in England. Just listen to the recording of this show, KILLER. A TV News report on the festival was done which gives us a pro-shot performance of ‘On The Run’ and a Medlocke interview.

October 18 through November 22, 1981 Def Leppard opens for the band. Making this first European band the guys help break in America. 

 last night of the tour takes place November 22 San Antonio, Texas. A large ‘DIK LIKKER’ sign appears behind Leppard. Roadies start dropping ping pong balls to the stage from the light rigs. Followed by flaming streamers of flash paper. Smoke from a stink bomb thrown in front of drummer Rick Allen’s electric fan filled the stage. Joe Elliott yells to the
crowd to put their hands in the air. From behind the amp stacks Blackfoot and crew with hands only sticking out begin to wave. Filling the crowd with laughter. Of course Joe doesn’t get what’s going on. Then Joe yells to the crowd ‘we were in
Houston last night, and they made a lot more noise than you’re making’. Off stage someone grabs a microphone and goes “oh no they didn’t”! While Blackfoot was playing, Leppard bass player Rick Savage dribbled a basketball
across the stage. And then someone tried to shove a big laundry basket across the stage. The extra bonus was one of their girlfriends was inside. It only makes it about half way across. There sits the poor embarrassed girl. Center of the
stage stuck with her ass and legs hanging out!!!!
March till May 1982 it’s back to Europe. Touring France with Iron Maiden, then through the U.K. The success
of the band in Europe had the record company recording several shows using the Rolling Stones Mobile. 

we have examples of in a bootleg dvd in Zurich. As well as footage at the Hammersmith in London, England, Turned into a MTV music video for Train Train.

Blackfoot Rickey Medlock Strikes

Then the band was touring Germany with the Scorpions. August 1982 comes the Reading Festival. The kicker is they join Iron Maiden jamming on ZZ Top’s Tush, with all 4 guitars, 2 basses and 2 drummers. Kerrang magazine called their performance “simply the best of the entire week” also stating “they are the perfect festival band playing good time southern rock’n’roll that lifts the spirits.” They declared Rickey Medlocke “Master of Ceremonies” and published a picture of the guitarist silhouetted against the crowd with a sea of confederate flags waving in the audience.

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