Black Night. Deep Purple Tribute according to New York CD.


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Black Night Deep Purple Tribute according to New York CD

Bassist T.M. Stevens leads guests like Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple), Corey Glover and Will Calhoun (ex-Living Colour), Richie Kotzen (ex-Poison), Al Pitrelli and Vinnie Moore through renditions of Deep Purple favorites including “Stormbringer,” “Black Night,” “Burn,” “Smoke on the Water” and a reggae version of “Child in Time.”

Label: Revolver Music Ltd. ‎– REV XD 202
Format: CD, Album
Country: UK
Released: 1996
Genre: Hard Rock
1 Black Night

Drums – Will CalhounGuitar [Lead] – Vinnie MooreGuitar [Rhythm & Lead] – Al PitrelliOther [Street Scene] – Simon Gregory, T.M. Stevens, Van RomaineVocals – Joe Lynn Turner

2 Strange Kind Of Woman

Drums – Will CalhounGuitar [Rhtyhm & Lead] – Al PitrelliVocals – Richie Kotzen

3 Fireball

Drums – Will CalhounGuitar [Funk Rhythm Guitar] – Richie KotzenGuitar [Lead] – Stevie SalasGuitar [Rock Rhythm Guitar] – Al PitrelliKeyboards – Bernie WorrellVocals – Cory Glover*

4 Smoke On The Water

Drums – Cindy BlackmanKeyboards – Bernie WorrellOther [Deep New York Funk Gang] – Richie Kotzen, T.M. Stevens, Will CalhounVocals, Guitar [Rhythm & Lead] – Richie Kotzen

5 Child In Time

Drums – Will CalhounGuitar [Rhythm & Lead] – Richie KotzenKeyboards – Bernie WorrellVocals – T.M. “Sade” Stevens*, Tony Harnell

6 Woman From Tokyo

Drums – Will CalhounGuitar [Rhythm & Lead] – Richie KotzenKeyboards – Bernie WorrellVocals – Joe Lynn TurnerRichie KotzenT.M. StevensTony Harnell

7 Space Truckin’

Drums – Cindy BlackmanGuitar [Rhythm & Lead] – Richie KotzenVocals – T.M. StevensTony Harnell

8 Stormbringer

Drums – Cindy BlackmanGuitar [Rhythm & Lead] – Richie KotzenKeyboards – Bernie WorrellOther [Intro Thunder “scream”] – T.M. StevensVocals – Joe Lynn Turner

9 Speed King

Drums – Will CalhounGuitar [Rhythm & Lead Guitar (left)] – Vinnie MooreGuitar [Rhythm & Lead Guitar (right)] – Al PitrelliVocals – Joe Lynn Turner

10 Burn

Drums – Van RomaineGuitar [Rhythm & Lead] – Simon GregoryOther [Guitar (lead)] – Lars Y. LoudampVocals – Cory Glover*

11 Deep Purple NY

Composed By – T.M. StevensKeyboards – Bernie WorrellOther [Deep Ny Funk Gang] – Richie Kotzen, T.M. Stevens, Will CalhounVocals [Rap Vocal] – T.M. Stevens


Total time – 55:05

Line-up / Musicians:
– Cindy Blackman / Drums
– Will Calhoun / Drums
– Cory Glover / Vocals
– Simon Gregory / Lead Guitar
– Tony Harnell / Vocals
– Richie Kotzen / Vocals, Lead guitar
– Lars Y. Loudamp (actually Yngwie Malmsteen) / Lead Guitar
– Vinnie Moore / Lead Guitar
– Al Pitrelli / Lead Guitar
– Van Romaine / Drums
– Stevie Salas / Lead Guitar
– T. M. Stevens / Vocals, Bass
– Joe Lynn Turner / Vocals
– Bernie Worrell / Keyboards

– Produced and arranged by T. M. Stevens.

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1996 Revolver Music REV XD 202

Performed by Cindy Blackman (drums), Will Calhoun (drums), Cory Glover (vocals), Simon Gregory (guitar), Tony Harnell (vocals), Richie Kotzen (vocals/guitar), Lars Y. Loudamp [= Yngwie Malmsteen] (guitar), Vinnie Moore (guitar), Al Pitrelli (guitar), Van Romaine (drums), Stevie Salas (guitar), T. M. Stevens (vocals/bass), Joe Lynn Turner (vocals) and Bernie Worrell (keyboards). Produced and arranged by T. M. Stevens.

Funky Deep Purple. (“This is the way we do Deep Purple”.) Some tracks have been re-arranged, Child in Time in particular. Kotzens solo is much different from Blackmores but very very good. Burn sounds like it has never sound before, or after – brilliant. Other tracks sound fairly faithful to the originals. Theres some good singing on this album.


5.0 out of 5 stars Different Experience in Deep Purples Music,
You do not expect the same beat and rhythm as what you normally hear. However, the music and voice is definite “heavy with metal”, with a lot of feel & funky influence of Big Apple – New York where this CD is recorded.. The CD consists of 11 tracks with Joe Lynn Turner opening on Black Night. He also sang two other songs, Speed King and Stormbringer. Three other lead singers in this CD are Riche Koizen (Strange Kind of Woman, Smoke on the Water, Woman from Tokyo), Gary Gover (Fireball, Burn), Tony Harnell (Child in Time, Space Trackin’). The last track is Deep Purple NY which is Rap performance by T.M.Stevens. It is definite a collection item.


TM Stevens is a black rap and metal/funk singer and bassist from New York. He has released a number of solo albums, has worked and toured with artists such as Carl Palmer and Steve Vai. In 1995, he initiated this project to pay tribute to Deep Purple by interpreting their songs in a “New York” way. The sleeve notes say that the objective was to pay homage to this “very special band” by maintaining the integrity of the original songs while adding a Big Apple feel and funk to it.

To enhance the appeal of the project as far as Deep Purple fans were concerned, artists such as Joe Lynne Turner, Al Pitrelli and Vinnie Moore were brought in, in addition to members of the band Living Color.

This is more of a band effort than a collection of covers by a variety of artists with Stevens playing bass throughout. The rest of the artists come and go, but most appear on several tracks. The selection of songs covered is a sort of Deep Purple greatest hits, predictably including the likes of “Black night”, “Smoke on the water”, “Strange kind of woman” and “Fireball”. While the songs are entirely recognisable, they are noticeably different to the originals, with an almost exclusive emphasis on lead guitar instrumentally. Indeed, a number of the tracks do not feature keyboards at all.

The opening “Black night” sees the song slowed down and funked up, with some fine extended lead guitar solos by Pitrelli and Moore. This sets the pattern for many of the tracks which often have a Lenny Kravitz feel. “Smoke on the water” sounds very much like you might expect to hear if it had been recorded for the first time by the mark 3 line up of the band.

It is only when we get to track 5, “Child in time”, that the organ takes centre stage, albeit briefly. After a faithful rendition of the first verse, the track suddenly adopts a reggae beat. Tony Harnell does a good job at emulating Ian Gillans screamed orgasm while Richie Kotzen adds a fine, if radically different lead guitar solo. Those who feel the song is sacrosanct will be horrified by this version, but the broad minded should actually find it quite pleasing.

Lead vocal duties are shared between the aforementioned Turner and Hornell plus Cory Glover and Richie Kotzen, with each stepping up for two or three tracks. Stevens shares lead vocal on “Space truckin'” with Harnell, the track once again sounding rather like a mark 3 cover. Similarly, the guitar duties rotate fairly evenly, although Yngwie Malmsteens masks his identity through the use of the name Lars Y. Loudamp on “Burn”. His signature playing on the track though is unmistakable. This is one of the tracks which completely lacks keyboards, Jon Lords fine contribution being picked up by lead guitar.

The final track “Deep Purple NY” is the only original on the album, being credited to TM Stevens. It is nothing like the rest of the songs being a straightforward rap piece, but it is thankfully kept brief.

One of the interesting aspects of this tribute is the regular similarities with the style of Deep Purple mark III, the Coverdale/Hughes era. The album inadvertently demonstrates how, much to Ritchie Blackmores annoyance, that version of the band drifted off in a funky direction.

It is difficult to say what the objective of this album actually was. The versions here are good, the sound is probably too alien for those who appreciate the original works of Stevens. It is certainly to his credit that the versions here show imagination and a degree of adventure in the interpretations. By and large, the renditions offer credible alternatives.

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