Black Metal – Blasphemy I CD. Killer Black Metal PROMO Compilation (Hellas).


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Various   Blasphemy I – Black Metal
Label: Not On Label none
Format: CD, Compilation
Country: Greece
Style: Black Metal
1 Acheron Live Force (The Blood)
2 Arthemesia Heaven Ablaze
3 Crucified Whore Seduced By Chaos
4 Necrophagia Embalmed Yet Breath
5 Ophthalamia Myself/Dreaming
6 Tartaros Dark Red Light Upon The Bomos
7 The Second Moon Living Shadows
8 Usurper Slavehammer
9 Witchburner Kill

Band: Acheron
Song: Lifeforce (The Blood)
Album: Those Who Have Risen (1998)

Vincent Crowley: Bass/Vocals
Trebor Ladres: Guitar
Joe Oliver: Drums
John Scott: Keyboards


Ophthalamia Myself/Dreaming (video working properly)


Band : Usurper
Song: Slavehammer
EP: Threshold Of The Usurper(1997 Necropolis Records)

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