Billy SQUIRE Emotions in Motion LP (Promo) 1982 w. Queen (Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor). Check sample


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Emotions in Motion is a rock album by Billy Squier that was released in 1982. It peaked at #5 on the Billboard 200 album chart. It contains the hit song “”Everybody Wants You””, which peaked at #32 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, and held at #1 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart for 6 weeks. Further Mainstream Rock hits and Hot 100 chartings from the album included “”Learn How To Live”” and “”Emotions In Motion””, and “”She A Runner”” received rock radio play as well. Squier again wrote all the album tracks himself.
A concept album, Emotions in Motion is one of Billy Squier most popular albums as well, certified Gold in September 1982 and Platinum album a month later. Though multi-platinum awards were not certified prior to late 1984, the album received a Double Platinum award in 1991.

Emotions in Motion is Squier second best selling album, after the previous year Don’t Say No.
The cover art was created for Squier by Andy Warhol. Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury and drummer Roger Taylor sing background on the title track, which was a Mainstream Rock hit. Squier began promoting this album opening for Queen, but by the end of his tour he was headlining an arena tour of his own. Like its predecessor, the album was produced by Squier with Reinhold Mack, who had produced Queen The Game.
Squier recording of “”Everybody Wants You”” has recently been used in advertising for the USA Network TV Show Burn Notice.
“”Everybody Wants You”” was covered by glam/hard rock band Damone in 2006 and this version was used for an advertising campaign for the CW Television Network during its first season (2006-07).

All Songs Written By Billy Squier.
“”Everybody Wants You”” (3:47)
“”Emotions In Motion”” (4:58)
“”Learn How to Live”” (4:05)
“”In Your Eyes”” (3:45)
“”Keep Me Satisfied”” (3:42)
“”It Keeps You Rockin'”” (4:06)
“”One Good Woman”” (3:41)
“”She a Runner”” (4:02)
“”Catch 22″” (5:04)
“”Listen to the Heartbeat”” (4:25)

Billy Squier: Vocals, Guitars
Richard Evans: Guitars
Allan St. John: Keyboards, Synthesizers, Backing Vocals
Doug Lubahn: Bass, Backing Vocals
Bobby Chouinard: Drums

Billy Squier – Learn How to Live

“”Learn How to Live”” by Billy Squier
Year: 1982
Album: Emotions in Motion


You got a lot to learn
You play in the fire…you might get burned
You gotta sacrifice
You’re playin’ the victim of your own device
You try to understand
The comb-in-the-ashes isn’t what you planned
You…it gets you every time
You’re chasin’ the visions–they’re nowhere to find

Learn how to give…learn how to take
Learn how to live before it too late

You got the restless eyes
They turn to distraction–there no compromise
You gotta take some time
And fight for the answers–they’re hard to find don’tcha fantasize
Start makin’ your chances materialize

Learn how to bend…learn how to break
Learn how to mend broken heartaches
Learn to forgive…learn how to wait
Learn how to live before it too late

Run from the light, and you lock all your doors
It harder to fight when you’ve gone down before
The scene ‘re so right–but they play out so wrong
So into the night it goes on and on and on and on and on”


Billy Squier delivered a second straight solid hard rocker with 1982’s Emotions in Motion, the third overall solo release by the Massachusettes native. While continuing much of the solid musical groundwork laid down by his 1981 breakthrough album Don’t Say Know (and with similar commercial success), this album also served to expand Squier’s sound into the sub-genres of funk, new wave as well as other dance-oriented rock.

Like it’s predecessor, Emotions in Motion was co-produced by Squier and Reinhold Mack and it reached the Top 5 of the pop albums charts while eventually gaining multi-platinum levels in sales. The album’s best quality is the compositions, all written solely by Squier, and strong enough to avoid sounding dated. The cover art for the album was created by Andy Warhol.

The album commences with its biggest hit, “Everybody Wants You”, which centers around a catchy, mechanical riff and a perfectly accessible hook. The bridge has a more dramatic feel before the song returns to its contagious, new wave grove. “Everybody Wants You” reached the top of Billboard’s Top Rock Tracks chart, holding that spot for six consecutive weeks. The title song, “Emotions In Motion”, takes a different approach with a bass-driven groove accented by a funky hard rock guitar by Jeff Golub and some of the backing vocal motifs by Queen’s Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor.

After a folksy opening riff which is accented by the saxophone of Dino Solera, “Learn How to Live” breaks into a dramatic hard rock verse and is soon realized as the first song which reaches the level of the better material from In the Dark. “In Your Eyes” continues the best sequence on the album as a pristine, acoustic power ballad with fantastic mood and melody as the song builds to a crescendo with synth counter melodies by Alan St. Jon as well as fine slide guitar licks. “Keep Me Satisfied” ends side one as a pure rock shuffle with almost a Southern feel, while “It Keeps You Rockin’” launches the second side with a slow and heavy musical thump contrasted by Squier’s full-throated wails that give this track a real Zeppelin-esque feel. “One Good Woman” features a bass-driven funk with contrasting, whining guitars and a direct, driving drum beat by Bobby Chouinard. All this makes for a fine and unique rocker and one of the more undervalued gems on the album.“She’s a Runner” is the album’s final high water mark, starting off with a deliberative electric riff solo accompanied by Squier’s melodic and soulful vocals. When it fully kicks in, this track features a plethora of modern rock sonic treats, including a short but potent piano lead during the bridge. Next comes “Catch 22”, a thumping, methodical rocker with some competing riffs and licks on the periphery, all held together by the glue of Doug Lubahn’s bass. The album closes with a final attempt at hard rock and pop on “Listen to the Heartbeat”, containing some great individual elements like a flanged guitar intro riff and decent hook. However, it seems a bit under-cooked as not everything works cohesively as a whole.

Following the release of Emotions in Motion, Squier hit the road with most of the players on this album and soon moved from a major opening act to an arena-level headliner!!

Everybody Wants You” is a hit song written and performed by American rock singer and guitarist Billy Squier. It appeared as the opening track of his multi-Platinum 1982 album Emotions in Motion, and was released as the second single (following the title track) from that album, reaching No. 32 on the Billboard Hot 100. Everybody Wants You”” was covered by glam/hard rock band Damone

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