BILLY COBHAM: Picture this CD. Original US 1987 RARE CD. Phenomenal drummer. Check all samples + videos.


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Billy Cobham Picture This
Label: GRP
Catalog#: GRD 9551
Format: CD
Country: US
Released: 1987
Genre: Jazz, Jazz-Funk

1 Two For Juan
2 Same Ole Love
3 Taurian Matador
4 You Within Me Within You
5 This Ones For Armando
6 Sign ‘O’ The Times
7 The Juggler
8 Danse For Non Masque
9 Coming Attractions
Duration 57:09


Playing Time: 57 min.

Contributing Artists: Randy Brecker, Grover Washington Jr., Ron Carter, Abraham Laboriel, Victor Bailey, Abraham Laboriel Sr., Michael Abene, Gerry Etkins

Personnel: Billy Cobham (drums, programming); Grover Washington Jr. (soprano & tenor saxophones); Randy Brecker (flugelhorn); Tom Scott (lyricon); Michael Abene (piano, keyboards); George Duke, Gerry Etkins (keyboards); Ron Carter (acoustic bass); Abe Laboriel, Victor Bailey (electric bass); Sa Davis (congas); Wayne Cobham, Lucio Pascarelli, Francesco Boscotti, Serge Mai (programming).

Producers: Billy Cobham, Wayne Cobham, Michael Abene.

Cobhams third time at bat for GRP sees him adopting more of the labels smooth-surface anonymity, but his own good taste and deft twist of a musical phrase keep the proceedings from arching over into the banal. Some of the tracks on view here tow a quieter, more benign line. The warm-spring sonic cocktail that is “You Within Me Within You” and the breezy summer balm of “Coming Attractions” don’t strike you a mighty fusion blow but, rather, invite the soul out onto the veranda for a becalming repose in a dreamy Mediterranean afternoon.
On the all-synthed-up keyboard calliope of “Taurian Matador,” Cobhams jazz-rock chops re-ignite these glittering surfaces. His drums nimbly hightail it across the sprightly plains of “Two for Juan.” Awareness is bliss, however. PICTURE THIS is one of Cobhams more electrifying efforts & a charming slice of mid-’80s digi-jazz with some genuinely beguiling moments.


5.0 out of 5 stars Best of Cobhams GRP releases,
This was Billy Cobhams third release on GRP records. The other two were Warning and Power Play. Picture This is the better of the three.
With the move to GRP in 1984, Cobham embraced the digital and CD era. His first two GRP albums really pushed the digital technology, with a high dynamic range and a sharp staccato sound. Unfortunately, the music was not all that interesting and was even boring in parts.
In this third album, Cobham incorporates the new digital sound with his old style of music. The result is a nice mixture of traditional jazz, featuring Grover Washington Jr. and Randy Becker on saxes, and Cobhams electronic rhythms.
His version of Princes Sign O’ the Times is especially interesting.

5.0 out of 5 stars amazing!,
this is one of the most incredible pieces of jazz out!!! the ballads to the more straight ahead pieces really open the listener to feeling the essence of where cobham plays from. this has been a very hard to find album! i recommend this work to jazz fans who like their music to take them down and into the deepest places within themselves…to truly connect to the raw emotion there. He is an incredibly gifted artist with a willingness to explore his own soul through the journey of his own music. it is a privilege to listen because you hear such vulnerability and great truth to how he composes and how he plays. an excellent project overall.

5.0 out of 5 stars let the music take you higher,
wow. i first heard this on a jazz station years ago and have been searching for it ever since….the song ‘you within me within you’ is one of the most hauntingly beautiful instrumental ballads i have ever heard. cobham is an artist with many dimensions to his creative brilliance and i applaud this album for inspiring me to journey with him through the range of his work on this album. billy, you keep the tradition of great jazz alive. thank you.

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