Bill LEVERTY’S WANDERLUST s.t CD Firehouse Guitarist – singer solo album w. Firehouse Drummer + bassist. 3/4 of Firehouse. Check samples


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Bill Levertys WANDERLUST is a straight ahead, guitar forward, rock & roll band with hard rock and Southern influences. The self titled, debut album is fronted by FireHouse guitarist, Bill Leverty. With FireHouse, Leverty has achieved such successes as winner of the 1991 American Music Award for Best New Hard Rock Band, Best Newcomer in Young Guitar Magazine, Best New Band Award in the Metal Edge Magazines Readers Poll, Burrn Magazines Best New Band Award, and gold, platinum and multi-platinum album sales worldwide. With 7 Billboard Top 40 Hits, world tours, and gold album production credits under his belt, Leverty has now ventured out on his own with his first ever solo album.
FireHouse continues to write, record and tour, but this full schedule still allows Leverty the time to express himself in a unique, stylistic way. Leverty made his lead vocal debut on the FireHouse O2 albums 7th track entitled “I’m In Love This Time”. His lead vocals were again featured on the latest FireHouse album, PRIME TIME, with two tracks: “Holding On” and “I’m The One”. Fans and critics alike wanted to hear more of Levertys soulful vocal style. Wanderlust answers their call for more.


Awesome albums by Bill Leverty of Firehouse from 2004 called Wanderlust. This cd has 10 Killer tracks and comes with complete artwork

Label: Not On Label ‎– BL5944
Format: CD, Album
Country US
Released: 2004
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock

5.0 out of 5 stars After one listen you’ll be stuck in a “Wanderlust”…,
An incredible debut from one of the most under rated but influential rock guitarist in the biz today Bill Leverty. There is not one bad song on this disc as Bill truly shows his skills as a guitarist, song writer, vocalist, and producer. A must for everyone who likes good down to earth music written from the heart. Pick up Wanderlust today (you can thank me later)
5.0 out of 5 stars Just Buy This CD!,
There is no way your CD collection is even close to complete without this disc. Bills CD is beyond anything else he has ever done. If what you like is back to the roots, old school, rock and roll then this is what you have been looking for. Take a small helping of blues, a pinch of southern rock, and a heavy dose of ripping guitar, (not to mention the fantastic vocals) and you have Wanderlust.
5.0 out of 5 stars Real Rock n’ Roll !!!,
One of the most underrated guitarists ever!!! Bill is well known for being the guitarist in Firehouse. This CD is unreal. It has a bit of an 80s vibe, but its also really fresh. I never knew it but Bill has a great rock voice too. Some of the stand out tunes are Honey, Wanderlust, and Anytime, but my favorite has got to be Not Dysfunctional. It rocks like no other. The guitar sound is thick and crunchy, fast and screaming. If you like “REAL” rock, you have got to check out this CD…. Its well worth it!!!
5.0 out of 5 stars Gotta Have it !!!,
In a cesspool of over distorted, no tone guitarbage,that bands are putting out these days,this CD is a breath of fresh air !!! It has the tone and distortion, Bill has become known for, but its more. Its really, really good songwriting. I have had it in my CD player in my car now for almost a year, and play it at least once a week. It never gets old. With standout tracks like Honey, Wanderlust, and Don’t give up, its a rocker worth having !! Oh yea…. The last track “Not Dysfunctional” ya gotta listen to. !!!!

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