Big 240 Portable Projection Screen w. Tripod. Bargain price. Courier collection or in person. Brixton, London. EMAIL FIRST.


Projection method and style: for video & large-screen projection; front projection.

Message (email) to make arrangements.

price: £82

Postage:   Free collection in person  + Courier collection possible. (E-mail us. Currently the price of this item is left blank on purpose, so that the delivery method can be arranged before you pay for the item )   

Item location: London (Brixton), United Kingdom

Delivery: Varies  (E-mail to make arrangements)   

Returns: No returns accepted, once you buy it the item stays with you.

Big Adjustable tripod (see pictures to have a feel of how big this is in size). Dimensions when the tripod legs and screen are extended up from the ground, is 2.50m or 99 inches or 8ft+ (that’s the maximum height, of course if you want to set it at a lower height, you can do just that, it is your decision to make).

Height: 1.15 meters or 45 inches (nearly 4 feet)….

width: 2.40 meters or 94 inches (nearly 8 feet)….

diagonally: 2.63 meters or 103.5 inches (8+ feet)….

The type (brand) or model as written on the receipt when this was bought, is Tripod 240 screen. As you can see from the photos this product has been used and has marks from having been transported in a van for gigging purposes. This is the exact reason why it sells for less than the third of the original price!! Bought for £228 in 2004. Did not clean it, it has a lot of fingerprints on the body (aluminium, plastic areas), and the usual smell that anything stored in a van has, but the projection area is almost entirely clean AND given that you are projecting from several meters / yards away from the screen, the viewing experience will be very good indeed. After all you want to project images, pictures or videos from a distance; not for the aesthetics or because you want to hold this item in your arms so that you can sniff it and be delighted by the smell.

Collection from Brixton, London SW2 If you can’t collect, a courier collection can be arranged. However, it is better that YOU find and pay the courier. Try  “The Cheapest Parcel Delivery in the UK”. I suggest you try them first. A few clients used them already and said that they are dead cheap, super fast and that the items that they have ordered arrived without any problems and in perfect condition.

Having already said that the item was stored in a van etc., it goes without saying that the courier (if you decide to use a courier) will get it as it is in the pictures that are included in this listing. Even when originally bought, this product was not packed. So there will be no packaging. The item will be moved from as seen currently, and will go straight to the courier’s van or to your vehicle if you can come and take it.

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