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1.Forever Lost ===> CHECK AUDIO03:12
2.Bitter Sweet/Demon Seed ===> CHECK03:54
4.Killed in the Womb ===> CHECK06:44

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1.Tides of Time03:16  Show lyrics
2.Entrapment04:23  Show lyrics
3.Reasons Undefined06:33  Show lyrics
4.Time Hysteria04:55  Show lyrics

Beneath came into excistence in Falköping in late 1994. Being a quartet, Hebbe, Mats, Johan and Daniel started out covering songs by favourite bands like Slayer, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and KISS. But the urge to create their own material grew stronger as their musical skills got better and the need to express emotions through music increased. One of Beneath’s first creations was called “Black Rain” and was made eternal during the bands first studio session in December 1994.

History was created on Friday the 13th of January 1995, when Beneath for the first time entered the stage at the Assembly Hall in Karleby outside Falköping. Handling the bass was a friend of the band, Mojje Andersson. Shortly after, the circle of five was completed with Emil Kyrk as a permanent bass player. The first “official” gig was held at a benefit concert for Amnesty International at Folkets Park in Falköping.

Beneaths first compilation of songs was recorded at Musikmaffian in Varberg during October 1995 with Mojje Andersson as egineer. It conscisted of four pieces of work: “Earn”, “Apprentice to Fashion”, “Disfunctional” and “…and it’s U”. In February, 1996, prior to the unleashing of “Earn”, the band competed in the music contest Musik Direkt, although without further results in convincing the judges of Beneaths capabillities. The spring and summer of 1996 brought Beneath several gigs.

The horizon, however, darkened in August when Hebbe decided to leave the band due to studies at a different location. The band started to look for a possible replacement, but after having tried out a few, they realized that the circle of five was broken. When Hebbe returned again in summer of 1997 he made the circle unbroken. The compilation CD “Swallow This”, released by Phyramid Productions in late 1997, contained the track “Ins(h)ide”, written and performed by Beneath. The compilation was well recieved by several magazines. The mighty return of Beneath was celebrated at Hotellet in Falköping in October 1997. The first gig in 14 months!

In January 1998 Beneath was one of the supporting acts when Sacramentum thrashed Falköping. In March the band visited the studio to record their second demotape. The studio used was The Chapel in Torbjörntorp. Petter Lantz of Lambretta helped engineering the demo. The recording contained: “Burning Mask”, “Doze”, “Slain”, “Serpents” and “Mourning Sun”. The event gave birth to a number of performances that spring.

After a remarkable appearance at the Marathon Festival in Falköping in August 1998, new and rawer material began to take form. In January 1999 five tracks called: “The Faltering”, “Dissenter”, “Thy Game”, “Vengeance I Breathe” and “Everything Ends”, was put to tape. Once again recorded at The Chapel with Petter as engineer. One piece of art features Nisse Karlén of Sacramentum doing some tremendous singing. In February Mats ventured on a journey around the world to expand his sences. Beneath, therefore, was, physically, down for about four months.

After unleashing their new creation for approval, the band got several offers to prove their musical skills live. In October of 19999 Beneath opened up for famous death metal act Lobotomy at the legendary rock pub “Tre Backar” in Stockholm. It would prove to be the last gig with Johan handling the guitar. The band and Johan decided to go separate ways. To complete the circle, Beneath recruited Martin Joelsson (Soulfracture, Hell’n’Diesel, Masheenary) to express himself in Beneath. Martin introduced the band to a slightly different piece of metal that later was to become “Forever Lost”. In November the band played with Abandon at Gothenburgs heavy metal pub Belsepub/Underground.

After having thrashed the Younomia Festival in Skövde in January 2000, the time had come to make eternal the new work the band had created during the last months. The same studio was used again, but with a different engineer this time. Mattias Jarlhed from Valinor’s Tree did a tremendous work on the new demo. The new pieces “Forever Lost”, “Bitter Sweet/Demon Seed”, “Indifference” and “Killed in the Womb” is four fast and melodic pieces of thrash metal. Having recorded the songs, Hebbe left to serve for the UN in Kossovo. He left in April and returned in October with lots of new experience.

In the summer Daniel got the opportunity to fullfill part of his dreams working as a journalist for a magazine in Stockholm. Late that fall Mats also left Falköping to grow greater skills in graphical multimedia. Mats is staying in Sunne for three years. Although living in different parts of the country, Mats and Daniel are still convinced not to breake the circle of five, but to still keep making great music in Beneath. In February of 2001 it was time to appear at the annual Younomia Festival in Skövde again. This time Beneath thrashed the big stage along with bands as Hellacopters, Dark Tranquility, Unmoored and Sengaija.

In the summer of 2001 a compilation cd, containing material by local talents in Falköping, was released. It was called “Poesi, musik & fullt ös, Falköping”. Beneath contributed with the track “Killed in the Womb”.

When fall arrived, Beneath decided to part ways with Martin Joelsson. After auditions, Beneath re-recruited original member Johan Darius. Beneath felt that the original circle of five was reinforced and the inspiration began to flow. During the first six months of 2002 the band created material for their fifth demo. Five tracks was braught to life, although only four made it to the final release. The new tracks: “Tides of Time”, “Entrapment”, “Reasons Undefined” and “Time Hysteria” turned out to be the most aggressive and satisfying material the band had ever created. In late August the band made a very successful appearance at the annual Maratonrock festival in Falköping. Two days later the recording precess began. This time in Studio Eight in Falköping with Mattias Jarlhed as engineer. In September Emil decided to move to Gothenburg to escape the inevitable boredom that a small town can force upon you. Gothenburg is however not that far from Falköping, so the impact on rehersals will hopefully be minimal.

Thanks to everyone who have stayed with us this far!

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