BARON ROJO Volumen Brutal LP 1982 [English Version] TOP Spanish metal. Their best ever! Check video
BARON ROJO Volumen Brutal LP 1982 [English Version] TOP Spanish metal. Their best ever! Check video

BARON ROJO Volumen Brutal LP 1982 [English Version] TOP Spanish metal. Their best ever! Check video


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The title tells mostly everything you need to know what this album is about. This band would refine their sound on further releases in favour of a more accomplished musicianship and ballads, thus softening to a point I no longer liked them. Absolutely not the case with their 2 essential first records, which are brutal traditional metal performed like a sledgehammer, with only hints of the subtlety to come.

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Baron Rojo became one of the very few Spanish metal bands to achieve any notoriety outside their native country — their early albums had a definite NWOBHM flavor that garnered them some critical praise and success in England at that time. A bit like a of Saxon-come- Motorhead. Well worthy!
Pais: Espana (Spain)
Genero: Heavy Metal

1.Isolation Ward
2.Rockers Go to Hell
3.Give Me the Chance
5.Flowers of Evil
6.Stand Up
7.Someone’s Loving You
8.Concert For Them
9.You’re Telling Me
10.Baron Flies Over England

1. Incomunicación – Baron Rojo, DeCastro, Armando
2. Los Rockeros Van Al Infierno – Baron Rojo, Campuzano, J.L
3. Dame la Oportunidad – Baron Rojo, DeCastro, Carlos
4. Son Como Hormigas – Baron Rojo, Campuzano, J.L
5. Las Flores del Mal – Baron Rojo, DeCastro, Carlos
6. Resistir̩ РBaron Rojo, DeCastro, Armando
7. Satanico Plan (Volumen Brutal) – Baron Rojo, DeCastro, Armando
8. Concierto Para Ellos – Baron Rojo, Campuzano, J.L
9. Hermano del Rock & Roll – Baron Rojo, DeCastro, Armando
10. El Baron Vuela Sobre Inglaterra – Baron Rojo, De Castro, A

Baron Rojo are one of the most famous heavy metal acts from Spain, and one of the few to garner attention in non-Spanish speaking countries. There is actually a version of Volumen Brutal that has the lyrics sung in English. I think the vocals flow much smoother in the Spanish version because thatâs the way the songs were intended to be sung.
Incomunicación introduces the album with a big ass riff which leads into a speedy verse overflowing with smokinâ energy. Then, the tempo gets cut in half for the gnarly chorus riff. What a memorable riff this is! Baron Rojo definitely had an ear for tasty, original riffage. Incomunicación [Isolation Ward] is just a great slice of heavy effinâ metal, period. My other favorite on Volumen Brutal is Resistiré [Stand Up]. This one is a speed-bagginâ anthem of defiance. If the chorus refrain doesn’t have you yelling along, then you, my friend, are dead inside.
The English version came out on Kamaflage Records (United Kingdom).

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