BABYLON BOMBS: Doin’ You Nasty CD. Swedish glam / sleaze rock. Check videos


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Babylon Bombs is straight forward Hard Rock with a touch of gritty sleaze and melodic melodies. Like a 3-some marriage between Aerosmith, L.A Guns and Mötley Crüe!

Track List:
01. Jaded Heart
02. Louder
03. Crack Of Dawn
04. Let It Loose
05. Hometown Hero
06. Slip Away
07. Starstruck
08. Drop The Bomb
09. Gotta Move On
10. Proud
11. White Trash Beauty
12. Moonshine Beat

Dani – vocals and guitar
Jon – guitar
Marty – bass and vocals
Swaint – drums

Additional Musicians:
Mia Coldheart – additional vocals (2 & 10)
The Duke Of Honk – organ (1 & 6)
Haninge Cheerelite – background vocals (8)
Eva Karman Reinhold – background vocals (3)

Production:  Produced, recorded and mixed by Lars Marten and Babylon Bombs.

If sleaze metal is the musical equivalent of a harsh whiskey, then Sweden’s Babylon Bombs would be a smooth scotch. These young guys know how to write a big hook, inject strong harmonies and write some fucking catchy music!
With their second full-length release the Babylon Bombs have exceeded all my expectations. Doin’ You Nasty just reaffirms my views that today’s rock radio is both disturbing and pathetic – because there is no way songs like “Jaded Heart” and “Hometown Hero” shouldn’t be on constant rotation. I find myself playing those two tunes over and over and over again, the melodies and choruses are perfect.
“Louder” is the first single, and even though it is a heavy party tune, it wouldn’t have been my first choice for the single. If they wanted to choose one of their rawer tracks they should have considered “Let It Loose”, a straight-ahead rocker that lays everything on the line. Other stand-out tracks are “Starstruck”, the slower “Proud”, and the full-speed-ahead rockers “White Trash Beauty” and “Moonshine Beat”. On their previous album the Bombs paid homage to Salty Dog and I’m willing to bet that “Crack Of Dawn” is their ode to Johnny Crash because they have a similar feel.
Without a doubt there is a lot to like on this release, but for me the album as whole gets overshadowed by the aforementioned “Jaded Heart” and “Hometown Hero” simply because those two tracks are SO DAMN GOOD! Now excuse me as I grind my fingers down to bloody pulps from hitting the repeat button on my CD player.
5.0 out of 5 stars Nothin’ nasty about this killer release!,
Leave it to Sweden to show the rest of the world that the spirit of real rock & roll music is alive and well. While American radio obsesses over the latest moody Coldplay single, Sweden keeps serving up pure, fun, rock & roll bands like Crashdiet, Hardcore Superstar, and of course Babylon Bombs.
The best comparison to Babylon Bombs’ highly melodic Sunset Strip-inspired rock & roll sound is probably American Heartbreak, but you can hear elements of classic Motley Crue and L.A. Guns as well. This is very catchy stuff, and is downright fun to listen to.
I understand that there is a need for rock music that is intellectual, or artsy, or introspective, but sometimes you just want a rock & roll album that makes you want to call up your friends, hit the bars, and have fun. That’s what Doin’ You Nasty is all about. If you’ve been missing the kind of rock that puts a smile on your face, do yourself a favor and check out Babylon Bombs. They’re part of a rock & roll revival along with bands like Airbourne, Black Tide, Endeverafter, Dirty Penny, and Stone Rider, and are giving fans of real rock & roll music a lot to be happy about.
5.0 out of 5 stars Look USA….Europe is dropping Bombs!,
So this is their 2nd Release, and I will have to say this release brings everything their first album didn’t. Some of the things I like about this band is how they Rock Bluz their songs up. Jaded Heart starts off the album and you can immediately hear the Bluz they bring….and bring it they do. Louder the 2nd song lives up to what you’d think when you hear LOUD and HARD anthem type music! And again, the guitar solo classic bluz…these guys rock! Not to bore one with a critique of the album….this release is well worth the price, as is their 1st album. Stop reading and starting clicking…& BUY IT ALREADY!

NOT the best option for a 3rd video clip, but this is what the label wanted somehow!

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