B-JOE: Ready To Ride CD. RARE A.O.R. GSE Records, Germany, 1992. Stage Dolls, Skagarack. Skagarack singer guests. Check video


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Category: AOR
Year: 1992
Label: GSE Records (Germany)

B. Joe guitars, vocals
Nick Kroyer bass
Thomas Johansen keyboards
Jesper Irn drums

1. Rock ‘N Roll Junkie

2. Ready to Ride
3. Dirty Sheets

4. Don’t Wanna Lose You
5. Forty Days
6. Lies
7. Brand New Start
8. Alright Now
9. All the Nights

One of my personal favorites. This guy from Denmark created this gem with combined elements from STAGE DOLLS and RETURN with a hint of southern rock. Unbelievable guitar work with passion and soul with great solos and production from Mr Olaffson and Fleming Rassmusen(Metallica) and backing vocals from Torben Schmidt(Skagarack). What else do you want?.BUY!!!

I melt like ice in the sunshine when hearing ‘I don’t wanna lose you’. Its amazing (especially the fact that TORBEN SCHMIDT sings the backings -I didn’t know- ‘coz SKAGARACK is my favourite)

This is a very cool band. I love this debut album… maybe not love, as it is solid, very well played melodic hard rock with great songs. Great album.

Amazing band, and I just love the ready to ride album.

Rather great melodic rock release. It is very consistent and fans of quality hard rock will enjoy.

Lots of acoustic guitar, but thank goodness not an unplugged album. B. JOE do not abuse the unplugged as a means to the trend end, it is generally part of the inventory of the band. Sure case, after all, it’s also highly melodic here, and the gentle plucking fits into the sound image accordingly. For long stretches “Ready To Ride” presents itself as a disguised ballad compilation, you won’t find a really hard rocking thumper among the nine songs, only the boogie ‘Forty Days’ and ‘Alright Now’ march on a rougher route. But that doesn’t matter. Stuff like the great title song or ‘All The Nights’ will satisfy your ears.

Viel akustische Gitarre, aber gottlob kein Unplugged-Album. B. JOE missbrauchen die Unverstärkte nicht als Mittel zum Trendzweck, sie gehört bei der Band generell zum Inventar. Klarer Fall, hier geht’s ja schließlich auch hochmelodisch zur Sache, entsprechend wohlklingend passt sich das sanfte Gezupfe ins Soundbild ein. Über weite Strecken präsentiert sich “Ready To Ride” als verkappte Balladen-Compilation, einen wirklich hardrockenden Klopfer sucht man unter den neun Songs vergeblich, allein der Boogie ‘Torty Days’ und ‘Allright Now’ marschieren auf einer rougheren Route. Aber das macht nix. Stoff wie der tolle Titelsong oder ‘All The Nights’ gehen zu gut ins Ohr, als dass man den Dänen daraus einen Strick drehen könnte.

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