ASAP: Silver And Gold LP Gatefold. Adrian Smith, the IRON MAIDEN guitarists band immediately after he left Maiden


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ASAP: Silver And Gold

Adrian Smith, the IRON MAIDEN guitarist’s band immediately after he left Maiden. Joining Smith in A.S.A.P. came fellow guitarists Dave Colwell, previously with URCHIN, 720 and SAMSON, and Andy Barnett, also ex-URCHIN, bassist Robin Clayton, keyboard player Richard Young and drummer Zak Starkey, the son of THE BEATLES drummer Ringo Starr. Smith had tested the waters for his projected solo career whilst still a member of IRON MAIDEN by performing fun club gigs and performing lead vocals on the track ‘Reach Out’, the B-side to the ‘Wasted Years’ single. A.S.A.P. released a well received AOR influenced Rock album that had many critics commentating on Smith songwriting prowess. However, although A.S.A.P. charted moderately and the band press profile was high, the project soon folded.Following A.S.A.P. demise Andy Barnett later joined slick AORsters FM, whilst Dave Colwell found success with BAD COMPANY.

ASAP* – Silver And Gold
Label: EMI
Catalog#: 7 93375 1
Format: Vinyl, Album, LP
Released: 1989
Genre: Rock, Heavy Metal

A1 The Lion 3:51
A2 Silver And Gold 4:48
A3 Down The Wire 5:04
A4 You Could Be King 3:36
A5 After The Storm 5:45
B1 Misunderstood 4:23
B2 Kid Gone Astray 4:22
B3 Fallen Heroes 4:29
B4 Wishing Your Life Away 4:04
B5 Blood On The Ocean 6:60

Bass – Robin Clayton
Drums – Zak Starkey
Guitar, Lead Vocals – Adrian Smith
Guitar, Vocals – Andy Barnett , Dave Colwell
Keyboards – Richard Young

Adrian Smith solo project after leaving Iron Maiden.
Gatefold release

Barcode: 7777933751


5.0 out of 5 stars Unexpected Adult Rock brilliance from Iron Maiden guitarist.
On a sabbatical after touring Iron Maiden “”Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son”” album Adrian Smith pulled a few old ex-band mates together to record this Bruce Springsteen-esque slice of up tempo Adult Rock. And at the time, in 1989, it wasn’t so much unexpected from the Maiden guitarist as completely and utterly unbelievable.

Ade voice bears close comparison with Bryan Adams; rough and gravely and very Mid-Western American. Musically it was radio friendly AOR not a million miles away from a heavy Foreigner. Needless to say the AOR community were not about to get interested in a `Heavy Metal’ guitarists part-time side project. Subsequently it sold about 10 copies and sank without a trace.

In my opinion, with hindsight and a fresh pair of ears, it a brilliant piece of Rock. Smith proves his guitar prowess, buzzing all over the place like a kid in the candy store; he obviously thoroughly enjoying himself. His band too, is spectacular. We’re not just talking straight down the line bludgeoning, hard-headed, misogynistic rock here, it mature and thoughtful and full of light and shade. It also worth noting that this album contains NO saccharine ballads and only one relatively slow song. Always a plus in my book :o)

So, like The Georgia Satellites or Bryan Adams at his rocking best, it immense fun. It a shame `Metal’ prejudice did not give this album a chance and if any of the above mentioned artists ring a bell then you’re going to love A.S.A.P.

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