ANNIHILATOR: All for You CD Enhanced with rare video footage (6 clips) Dream Theater drummer!! Check videos


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All for You is the tenth studio album by the band Annihilator. It was released in 2004 and was the first album to feature Dave Padden on vocals. It was also the second to feature Mike Mangini on drums.

Track listing:
1. “All for You” 4:29
2. “Dr. Psycho” 7:03
3. “Demon Dance” 5:12
4. “The One” 4:35
5. “Bled” 6:20
6. “Both of Me” 8:08
7. “Rage Absolute” 4:46
8. “Holding On” 4:06
9. “The Nightmare Factory” 5:40
10. “The Sound of Horror” 7:40
+ Enhanced with rare video footage that features drum takes by the current Dream Theater drummer!! 6 clips!!!!!!

All songs written and composed by Jeff Waters.

Jeff Waters – guitars, bass, backing vocals. Lead vocals on “Holding On”, intro on “Dr. Psycho”
Dave Padden – vocals
Mike Mangini – drums

Additional personnel:
Curran Murphy – 1st Solo in “Both of Me”
Joe Bongiorno – Dirty guitar riff at the end of “The One” and a bridge lead riff in “Nightmare Factory”


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