Aldo NOVA Subject LP 1983. Excellent US Hard Rock LP, from the man that inspired Bon Jovi] check VIDEOS


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Release Date: 1983 Aldo Nova- Subject LP Vinyl

After the huge success of his self-titled debut album, Aldo Nova defied his record company, which basically wanted a carbon copy for his sophomore follow-up and made a very loose concept album touching on themes such as dreams, imagination, and paradise.
Aldo Nova still featured hooks and melodies galore (and an emphasis on keyboards and synthesizers), but the format was different. Perhaps this style curve confused listeners, and as a result, Aldo Nova sold far fewer copies than its predecessor and only went gold. (Nova also claimed Portrait didn’t promote the album properly.) Three impressively spasmodic synthesizer segments — “”Subject Theme,”” “”Armageddon (Race Cars),”” and “”Armageddon”” Aldo Nova and lead into its highlight, “”Monkey on Your Back.”” This disturbing anti-heroin song features a midtempo, menacing throb thanks to relentlessly roaring drums, bass guitar, and rhythm guitar and slow, sustained lead guitar fills. “”Hey Operator”” and “”Cry Baby Cry”” are carried by infectious choruses. “”Victim of a Broken Heart”” is the album obligatory power ballad.
Nova had the courage to try something a little bit different.

A1 Subject Theme (1:33)
A2 Armageddon (Race Cars) (0:27)
A3 Armageddon (2:41)
A4 Monkey On Your Back (4:35)
A5 Hey Operator (3:54)
A6 Cry Baby Cry (4:13)
A7 Victim Of A Broken Heart (4:15)

B1 Africa (Primal Love) (0:39)
B2 Hold Back The Night (4:49)
B3 Always Be Mine (4:10)
B4 All Night Long (3:40)
B5 War Suite (1:27)
B6 Prelude To Paradise (1:33)
B7 Paradise (3:12)

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