Alan MORSE: Four o clock and Hysteria CD funk and jazz fusion. Spocks Beard band mates Neal Morse. Check videos
Alan MORSE: Four o clock and Hysteria CD funk and jazz fusion. Spocks Beard band mates Neal Morse. Check videos

Alan MORSE: Four o clock and Hysteria CD funk and jazz fusion. Spocks Beard band mates Neal Morse. Check videos


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4 O’clock & Hysteria is the first solo album by Alan Morse, well known as lead guitarist extraordinaire of Spock’s Beard. With Spock’s Beard, Morse has released nine successful studio albums and a pair of live CD / DVDs. He has also played in the past with Spencer Davies, Chad & Jeremy and even Chuck Norris. The instrumental tracks on Four O’clock And Hysteria feature brother Neal (keyboards and acoustic guitars) and all of the Spock’s Beard members.


Spock’s Beard’s guitarist Alan Morse marks his solo debut with an all instrumental album. It features not only his Spock’s Beard band mates but his brother and former band member Neal Morse. It covers many musical styles but with a strong emphasis on funk and jazz fusion. Highlights? The 70s’ feel on ‘Drive In Shuffle’ and ‘The Rite Of Left’ which is a widdle fest! ‘Spanish Steppes’ sounds as the title suggests, a gentle acoustic guitar number which puts you in mind of Spain in the summertime. One for die hard fans that is for certain but not sure it will have much appeal outside other than lovers of guitar instrumental albums. The playing is exemplary and at least Alan Morse lays down a good tune rather than try and do the ‘see how fast/technical I can play’ roué of many guitar albums.

PROMO Track listing
1. Cold Fusion
2. Return To Whatever

3. Drive In Shuffle
4. R Bluz
5. First Funk
6. Dschungel Cruz
7. Rite Of Left
8. Chroma
9. Spanish Steppes
10. Track 3
11. Major Buzz
12. Home

5.0 out of 5 stars Alan’s Playing Hysteria!,
This review is from: Four O’Clock & Hysteria (Audio CD)
Wow! I almost could not believe what I was hearing. I didn’t know that he had it in him to do a record like this. His playing in Spocks Beard is great, but I had no idea he could play rock-fusion like this! This CD instantly reminded me of a cross between Jeff Beck and Steve Vai! What an interesting piece of work. It was great to also hear Jerry Goodman on violin on the track “”Return to Whatever””. It is a very Mahavishnu/Return To Forever sounding piece played with real excitement here. The opening track is killer too. Great to also hear Neal Morse rock out once again without getting all preachy and spiritual. This is the best thing he’s played on since Transatlantic. Who knew his brother was such an amazing artist in his own right. Very Highly recommended!

5.0 out of 5 stars Don’t think Prog, think awesome….
Don’t buy this album expecting Spock’s Beard prog rock. This album is a mix fantastic melodic Jazz Fusion and cool rock that reminds me of Satriani’s slower blues-ier tracks. The playing is top-notch but never decends into showing off, everything is rooted in Alan’s beautifully melodic playing.

5.0 out of 5 stars Instrumental Paradise!,
I don’t have the words to describe how fantastic this record is but i’ll give it a try. I have loads of instrumentals in my cd collection, the very best in guitar instrumentals, Vai, Satriani and such. I have many jazz- rock fusion instrumentals, Jeff Beck, Alan Holdsworth and such but this Alan Morse/Four O’clock and Hysteria is the iceing on top of my instrumental cake. This group of musicians have really outdone themselves. I can not pigeon hole this cd into any genre, except to say it is otherworldly. Very uplifting, great to listen to whatever you are doing, sitting in a chair, working out at the gym, driving down the highway,etc. To any music lover, go buy this! It’s worth every penny. Yes, Spock’s Beard is much better WITHOUT Neal’s tunnel vision lyrics. The Beard has it’s own identity now.”

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