AKERCOCKE: The Goat Of Mendes CD sealed. UK Black / Death Metal. Check videos Horns of Baphomet + Infernal Rites


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Akercocke’s video for “Horns of Baphomet” from the Goat of Mendes album

The video for Infernal Rites by Akercocke from the goat of mendes album. Warning – includes nudity and strobe lighting Peaceville signed them and released Goat Of Mendes. Not surprisingly the band delivered a Black Metal formula that once more was met with the approval of the press and the fans. Terrorizer Magazine went as far as putting AKERCOCKE on the cover of their magazine

SAMPLES:   www.allmusic.com/album/the-goat-of-mendes-mw0000016298

OR  www.last.fm/music/Akercocke/The+Goat+of+Mendes

The Goat of Mendes
United Kingdom
Black/Death Metal

01. Of Menstrual Blood and Semen
02. A Skin for Dancing In
03. Betwixt Iniquitatis and Prostigiators
04. Horns of Baphomet
05. Masks of God
06. The Serpent
07. Fortune My Foe
08. Infernal Rites
09. He Is Risen
10. Breaking Silence
11. Initiation
12. Ceremony of Nine Angels

Release date  20 Jun 2005
Running length 12 tracks
Running time 56:25″