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Air Supply – Now And Forever
Label: Arista
Catalog#: AL 9587
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album with printed inner sleeve
Country: SNG
Released: 1982
Genre: Pop rock

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A1 Now And Forever 3:50
A2 Even The Nights Are Better 3:57
A3 Young Love 4:00
A4 Two Less Lonely People In The World 3:59
A5 Taking The Chance 4:12
B1 Come What May 3:56
B2 One Step Closer 3:49
B3 Don’t Be Afraid 3:20
B4 She Never Heard Me Call 3:24
B5 What Kind Of Girl 3:50
Duration 38:17

Engineer – Harry Maslin
Producer – Harry Maslin

5.0 out of 5 stars STRINGS… Mmmmmm, STRINGS!, This record has the richness of heaven placed within the loving voices and creative souls of men whose names can be heard throughout the vibrations of this superior Air Supply delivery.

5.0 out of 5 stars Favorite Without A Doubt
Oh My Gosh!!! Where should I start? First of all, I love this original version of “Now and Forever” as opposed to the 1995 version.”Come What May ” is an amazing description of love, if not the best. “Don’t be Afraid” to me is the earlier “Someone”. I love the sweet soaring harmonies and the deep and meaningful lyrics. “Even the Nights Are Better” is the best song on here of course. I love the whole “carnival” theme to the video. Russell Hitchcock will always be my hero. “She Never Heard Me Call” is simply beautiful. I love the melody. “Young Love” is pretty good. I guess I’ve just heard it too many times. I really like “Taking the Chance” along with “Two Less Lonely People in the World”. “What Kind of Girl” is also an amazing track. I just love every chord of every song on this album. Absolutely phenomenal.

5.0 out of 5 stars Another one that you’ll love!
Still under contract with Arista, Air Supply released this album in spring 1982. There were only two Top 20 hits,those being EVEN THE NIGHTS ARE BETTER and TWO LESS LONELY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. The latter was not part of the follow-up GREATEST HITS in favor of that albums original track MAKING LOVE OUT OF NOTHING AT ALL. Other memorable 1982 Arista releases include Ray Parker Jr.s(sans Raydio) THE OTHER WOMAN and Dionne Warwicks HEARTBREAKER.

5.0 out of 5 stars stunning in its beauty
One of the most beautiful albums of all time. Ballad after ballad, and some of the most melodic music ever. The harmonies are fantastic, the singing is phenomenal. Listen to Russel Hitchcock as he reaches the high, powerful notes in the gorgeous she never heard me call’. Listen to the gorgeous melody and guitars in the closer ‘what kind of girl’. Delight in what must be one of the best songs of ALL time, ‘Don’t be afraid’ leaves me in awe each time I hear it. This is true music. Nothing can sound this good. ‘Come what may’ is a soaring love song that is really emotional for those really in love, another great vocal. The other tracks are no less wonderful, there isn’t a clunker amongst the lot. Some may claim it is boring and uninspired cheese, but I say air supply new what they were doing and did it amazingly. No experimentation here, just sublime melodies.

5.0 out of 5 stars THIS IS THE ONE
This is the one, a great pop LP.

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