ADAM BOMB: Pure Sex E.P 1990 sleazy rocking 4 Track w. David Bowie / Mott the Hoople cover. Ex singer of T.K.O., Aerosmith + Riot band members. Check video. A la SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK, Billy Idol.


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1. Pure S.E.X. 2. Pure S.E.X. (Hard Mix) 3. S.S.T. (Live) 4. All The Young Dudes (Live)  “All the Young Dudes” is a song written by David Bowie, originally recorded and released as a single by Mott the Hoople in 1972

Very good Hard Rocking sleazy, but not really glam stuff, from the ex singer of T.K.O, and the ex- Aerosmith guitarist Jimmy Crespo. On drums Sandy Slavin (ex- Riot)

Adam “Bomb” Brenner had been known to play in bands such as Black ‘N Blue and TKO before releasing his solo debut, during the early days of the glam metal scene. This,  was pure sleaze rock from an incredibly talented musician. The guitar work from the outset is something else, with the lead work really adding to the hard hitting rhythm. Considered a glam metal write-off, Adam Bomb is still producing quality hard rock to this day, and this is a perfect record to get to know his work.

For fans of: Warrant, Mötley Crϋe, AC/DC

Track Listing:

  1. Pure S.E.X.
  2. Pure S.E.X. (Hard Mix)
  3. SST
  4. All The Young Dudes

He can actually sing, and play the guitar! You can’t say that for most of the sleaze bands, who’s singers sound like alley cats in heat.

Every song a winner on here. Even the very Sigue Sigue Sputnik-esque title track was awesome stuff. Always been an Adam Bomb fan and will continue to be. A very underrated and talented guy.   COOL – COLLECTOR – CULT

Adam Bomb is one the best songwriters and guitar players on earth, half of those shitty bands out there better go to buy these records and learn how to play guitar in rock n roll. Respect.

I always remembered loving the title track with its Billy Idol stylings. The other songs brought back all sorts of memories.   This is a great little pop/rock/glam album with some decent hooks and singable choruses!

A bomb of an 12″ IMO!!!.. Recommended.

Born in Seattle, Washington USA, Adam Bomb played in various local bands as a guitarist and joined US West coast band TKO in the early ’80s. He recorded one album with them, “In your face”, without being credited though.

Adam Bomb left TKO early in ’84 to start a solo career, then relocated to New York with a major manager, David Krebs (known for this work with AC/DC, Aerosmith, Scorpions & Ted Nugent) and recorded his first solo album with numerous famous musicians (including AC/DC’s Cliff Williams): Fatal Attraction. First published in Japan in November ’84, the album obtained a worldwide release through Geffen rec, in ’85. His band then included Jimmy Crespo (ex-Aerosmith) on guitar, Phil Feit (ex-Billy Idol) on bass & Sandy Slavin (ex-Riot) on drums, as Adam handled lead vocals and lead guitar. Despite excellent press reviews all over the world and major US club tour, the LP sales were influenced because of the “record company policies” as Adam stated later.

Pure S.E.X.

The band hit England late in ’86, and played a couple of UK dates including The Marquee. Completed in ’87, the LP “Pure S.E.X.” hasn’t been released due again to various business problems. In ’87, he was featured in Playgirl as one of the sexiest rock stars of all time and elected sexiest man of the year alongside Malcolm Forbes at Playgirl’s 15th anniversary. Having already played the USA from New York to Los Angeles, Adam Bomb concentrated more on Europe this year, and played the likes of UK, France, Holland, Sweden, Belgium and Denmark.

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