ACUMEN NATION: What the F**k? (10 Years of Armed Audio Warfare) CD Industrial Metal. harsh amalgam of metal & electronics. CHECK audio


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Once an original part of the coldwave music scene that fused guitars with industrial music Acumen Nation continuously evolves, adding the sounds of drum n bass, breakbeat, and hardcore into the mix over the years, resulting in a harsh amalgam of metal and electronics.
Before they launch into a new decade of armed audio warfare, they have decided to pause and recollect on their 10+ years as Acumen and Acumen Nation. Their WTII debut is not really a debut but more of a collection assembled to celebrate the bands extensive history. What The F**k is a 10-year remix retrospective, containing 14 never-before-heard versions of tracks from their catalogue plus 2 new tracks. With hard hitting tracks like Bleed for You, DJentrify plus the mega clubhit Gun Lover, What the F**k is a solid release from start to finish. What the F**K contains guest vocal appearances from Lucia Cifarelli (KMFDM) and Eric Powell (16 Volt).

1 The Wreck of Us (Guest Vox: Eric Powell)
2 Life’s Last Breath (Acucrack Remix.Guest Vox: Lucia)
3 The Paralysis is Real (Studio Remix)
4 Recaster (Deadliner Remix)
5 Bastard vs. Monster Zero (Grabmiller Remix w/vocal)
6 Bleed for You (Studio Remix)
7 Fuckyerbrainsout (Acucrack Remix)
8 Revelations Per Minute (Lost Mix)
9 Queener (FCR remix w/Lost Vocals)
10 DJentrify (Original Demo Version Remastered)
11 Fuckface (Original Demo Version Remastered)
12 Noarmsnolegs (Original Version Remastered)
13 Gun Lover (Original Version Remastered)
14 Pretty Like a Pornstar (ILC Track, Lost Remix)



ACUMEN NATION: What the F**k? (10 Years of Armed Audio Warfare) CD harsh amalgam of metal n electronics. CHECK SAMPLES

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