Acid Reign: Humanoia limited 10″ Excellent 80s Thrash Metal.


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Excellent late 80s Thrash Metal,

Acid reign mix their unique thrash/ punk style to create a whole new genre, theres no other band like acid reign. The band has such a tight sound at this point that i do belive this could be one of the greatest thrash 10s of all time. Nothing can beat this album for intensity and variety. A whirlwind of head-snapping riffing of full intensity – thrash songs that combine catchy hooks with killer riffs, and even the odd doomy moment (guitarist Gaz would leave after this album to form Cathedral). You may well find that this is long-out of print and costs a bomb to get hold of, but if you love thrash metal you NEED this.

Acid Reign – Humanoia 1989 Released as a limited 10″ single on Under One Flag Records
1. Humanoia 04:01
2. All I See (Live) 02:39
3. Goddess (Live) 03:01
4. Bully Boy 0:40
4. Chaos (Live) 04:42
Total playing time 15:11

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