ACE LANE: See You In Heaven LP Original 1983. Ex- GASKIN members. Criminally overlooked N.W.O.B.H.M.


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Ace Lane : See you in Heaven
(Expulsion – 1983)
Category : criminally overlooked

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Mike Clarke Vocals
Paul Brook Guitars
Stef Prokopcsuk Bass
Roy Whyke Drums
Gary Sleet Guitars

Label: Expulsion Ltd.   EXIT 3
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: UK
Released: 1983
Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

A1 Emotion 2:53
A2 See You In Heaven 5:01
A3 Rock’n’Roll In The City 3:00
A4 Cold Nights 3:00
A5 Don’t Shine Your Light 5:28

B1 Never The Same 3:38  <———
B2 Always 3:02  <———
B3 Girl Fever 3:00
B4 Dancing The Night Away 3:33
B5 Jay 3:58


There’s not much I can say about this British band. Information about them is hard to find. The only thing I know is that they have released only one album on a local label.

Ace Lane was considered part of the NWOBHM-movement. To me that’s odd, because they aren’t a Metal band. To me they’re an 80’s melodic Rock band, closer to AOR than to Metal. But who cares. As long as the musics good. When I put the record on the first thing I noticed was the FM-friendly nature of the songs. I expected to hear Metal, but instead I got accessible Rock songs that all were (without any exception) skilfully written. The production is decent enough to not hamper the listening experience. The only downside I see is that terrible artwork. Yet, in a way it made the album even more interesting, as it emphasised its obscure nature.

As part of the NWOBHM-movement Ace Lane was definitely on the lighter side of the spectrum. But that’s also what set them apart from most other bands. They existed alongside bands that were often simply trying to outdo each other with fast playing and macho riffing, but who at the same time forgot to write real songs. Unfortunately, in a movement that for the most part catered to young rebellious males, there was little room for a band like Ace Lane.

A short bio:
Where to start with Ace Lane? Well the band formed in 1982 They almost got a deal with Genesis’ publishing company but couldn’t get a band together quickly enough to showcase the demos. Ace Lane was a Barnsley band- not Hull; they only recorded in Hull. Their gigs sold out at the time. BBC Radio One airplay by Tommy Vance followed and the important British music magazine Kerrang did a good review but both Rondelet Records and Expulsion Records liquidated the respective companies and took off with all our sales and publishing money. Rights were sold to Roadrunner Records and Mausoleum USA Records and companies in Europe, Australia, Argentina and Japan, even China. But the band got nothing and split in 1983.

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