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Track Listings
1. Balls to the Wall
2. London Leatherboys
3. Fight It Back
4. Head Over Heels
5. Losing More Than You’ve Ever Had
6. Love Child
7. Turn Me On
8. Losers and Winners
9. Guardian of the Night
10. Winterdreams

This album is just a massive masterwork of Germanic steel and metal, dark melodies clashing up against darker vibes in the back alleys of some town I really, really want to visit some day. The title track, “London Leatherboys,” “Fight It Back” and “Head Over Heels” make up an absolutely perfect opening batch of tunes, and then side A ends with “Losing More than You’ve Ever Had,” a song that will stand as one of the greatest metal songs ever recorded. Side B continues the glory, Udo Dirkschneider absolutely killing it on “Love Child” and “Turn Me On” (“I know you would like some light/but sorry, here is no lamp!” is one of the greatest lines in a metal song, ever); meanwhile, “Losers and Winners” is up there with “Losing More than You’ve Ever Had” as far as being a drop-dead Accept classic, and “Winter Dreams” is Dirkschneider at his morose best, a great way to close what is one of my favorite albums of all time. Some tend to lean Restless over Balls due to the former being thrashier and more groundbreaking for the time, but for long-lasting impact, you can’t top Balls in my books. Show me the sign of victory: this album is perfect.

5.0 out of 5 stars A great slab of metal.. Accept it!,

The first thing that strikes you about Accept is the music sounds so familiar and yet so fresh. I was introduced to the band following a fantastic set at Donnington in the 80s and have loved the band since and this album is where the affair started. The riffs on offer are a lot like a cross between the   stomping chorus’ of AC/DC and toughness of Judas Priest all be it less frantic and dear I say a bit more melody. Udos vocals do take a bit of getting used to but he does a wonderful job and contributes so much to what makes the band unique whilst snippets of familiar classical passages during some superb guitar work leave this band as one of the most underrated i’ve ever heard. This is classic 80s metal but could frankly impress anyone with a love for the rock/metal genre today. Accept never were a part of the ‘hair metal’ ala Poison et al, but they were savvy enough to know hooks sell records and still managed to retain their strong metallic tradition found on earlier releases.


For yours truly, Balls To The Wall represents the apex of Accepts glorious career. The production on Balls To The Wall has become somewhat of a template of sorts for how to make a heavy metal record sound accessible yet still as heavy as hell. The twin guitars blaze, the bass thumps, and the drums explode with simple ferocity. Croak throat Udo screams tales of the oppressed and persecuted from under the bridge where he lives.
Killer tracks? They are everywhere. This sack is full, my friend. Personal faves include the title track, London Leatherboys, Head Over Heals and Love Child. This one is a pant load of testicular fortitude and cracking nuts; essential to any metal collection. Went gold in the States.


Losers And Winners is also available in this compilation CD:

Heavy Storm CD Promo. Accept, Diamond Head, Gary Moore, Alice Cooper, Scorpions, Zed Yago, U.D.O., Alice Cooper, Gary Moore, Guess Who, Steve Morse. Check audio.


Timebomb (album) = Studio album by U.D.O.
Released April 03, 1991
Recorded Dierks Studios, Cologne, Germany, November 1990 – February 1991
Genre Speed Metal
Heavy Metal
Length 38:15
Label RCA
Producer Stefan Kaufmann

Timebomb is U.D.O.s fourth album. It was recorded and mixed at Dierks Studios, Cologne from November 1990 to February 1991. This album is the bands most brutal, following a light approach on Faceless World.
The band were aided by Deaffy on lyrics. Deaffy has also appeared as author of the English lyrics on the Accept albums, and has been revealed to be a pseudonym for Gaby Hoffmann (maiden name Hauke), manager for Accept and later married to guitarist Wolf Hoffmann.
This is U.D.O.s last release before Udo Dirkschneider took part in the Accept reunion which resulted in three albums.

“The Gutter” – 1:04
“Metal Eater” – 3:42
“Thunderforce” – 3:40
“Overloaded” – 1:05
“Burning Heat” – 3:14
“Back in Pain” – 3:46
“Timebomb” – 3:57
“Powersquad” – 4:13
“Kick in the Face” – 3:47
“Soldiers of Darkness” – 4:12
“Metal Maniac Master Mind” – 5:41

Udo Dirkschneider: Vocals
Mathias Dieth: Guitars
Thomas Smuszynski: Bass Guitar
Stefan Schwarzmann – Drums

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