ABWHORE: S/T CD 1996. Rare US Blackened Gothic DEATH Metal w. Kind Diamond type vocals. CHECK audio


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ABWHORE: S/T  Abwhore
Release date: 1996
Catalog ID: N/A
Label: OneFlesh
1. The Suffering Has Only Begun
2. Sweet Vixen Sent from Hell
3. China Doll Syndrome

“U.S Blackened Gothic DEATH Metal with Kind Diamond type vocals.
Creative Loafing October 1999 “”Best of Atlanta”” issue they’ve constructed an impressive machine, churning up plenty of energy while blending many metal sub-genres…old and new. They nevertheless have the fortunate sense to avoid messing it up. Their self-titled CD unites heavy, thrashing power with technical proficiency and the joy only variety can bring.”  Metal Maniacs Dec. 1999

“Ripping, riff-oriented death metal, but what makes it stand out from the rest is the ample use of falsetto vocals among the aggro death vocaling…it should certainly earn the bands quite a bit of attention…whether it’s favorable or hostile attention is yet to be determined, but no one can accuse Abwhore of being predictable. How successful the band becomes depends on how it develops the vocal interplay and the catchiness of the material. “”a noteworthy unit…certainly unique, if only vocally”” Lamentations of the Flame Princess #3

This cd is pounding! Starting off with an atmospheric teaser, it kicks into proper metal. I would say the backbone of the band is thrash/ death metal, but there is SO much more there. The songs all sound different, how’s that? And when it drops out of the brutality and the melodic playing starts up and the Kind Diamond type vocals come in to replace the growling…the songs are kept interesting by dynamic writing. That’s all there is to it. Good songs with interesting arrangements. No wonder the Deicide kids hate them. Check them out! You will NOT be sorry!


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