AB/CD: The Rock n Roll Devil CD. Rare (German press with AC/DC type of logo!!). Check videos!


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AB/CD: The Rock N Roll Devil

Great AC/DC like album. The most accurate tribute to the spirit of AC/DC. Forget about the tribute albums and all that. This is the hot stuff. Hard to find.

1. Jackpot-Bingo
2. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Devil
3. Bengus’ Bomb (Faster Than Yngwie!)
4. Your Name On My Bullet
5. Love-Doll
6. Booze Blues
7. Harley-Davidson
8. Party Time
9. Bengus’ Starlicks
10. Killershark
11. The Masterplan
12. Devils Dinner
13. Have You Got The Guts

Not to be confused with the successful English AC/DC cover band, this Stockholm spoof AC/DC outfit is the side project of a collection of noted Swedish musicians including ex-TREAT and ABSTRAKT ALGEBRA vocalist Mats Leven (‘Braijan’), ex-EASY ACTION guitarist Bjorn Pahlsson (‘Nalcolm’) and top session drummer Nicco Wallin (‘Flint’). They would be joined by bassist Jim Gustavsson (‘Clim’) and second guitarist Bengt Ljungberger (‘Bengus’). RCA Records issued the 1992 album ‘The Rock n’ Roll Devil’, this notably featuring the YNGWIE MALMSTEEN themed ‘Bengus’ Bomb (Faster Than Yngwie!)’. The band savaged the famous fretster again on 1995’s ‘Cut The Crap’ with ‘Rock n’ Rolex’.

Laughing and rocking out at the same time. If someone had played this for me before stumbling across it, I’d have been easily fooled into thinking it was some AC/DC I hadn’t heard before. They got Brian’s voice down better than anyone else!

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