A Tribute to The Scorpions CD PROMO. Seven Witches, Stratovarius, etc.


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Track Listing
1. Hes a Woman, Shes a Man – Helloween
2. Rock You Like a Hurricane – Sinergy
3. Dynamite – Paradox
4. Still Loving You – Sonata Arctica
5. Blackout – Stratovarius
6. Don’t Stop at the Top – Children of Bodom
7. Dark Lady – Agent Steel
8. Top of the Bill – Steel Prophet
9. Dampflockfuhere – Prolopower
10. Coming Home – Tankard
11. Coast to Coast – Disbelief
12. Passion Rules the Game – To Die For
13. Pictured Life – Breaker
14. Polar Nights – Therion
15. Is There Anybody There – Rough Silk
16. Another Piece of Meat – Metalium
17. Alien Nation – Seven Witches
18. Send Me an Angel – Custard
19. Rock You Like a Hurricane – Stormtroopers of Death

Check all samples:  https://musicmp3.ru/collection_a-tribute-to-the-scorpions.html#.V5uyf9IrK01


I’ll start saying that this tribute is highly recommandable to any power metaller who knows at least a few bands on the album.
As the track list is not displayed, here it is :
1. He s A Woman, She s A Man (Helloween)
2. Rock You Like A Hurricane (Sinergy)
3. Dynamite (Paradox)
4. Still Loving You (Sonata Artica)
5. Blackout (Stratovarius)
6. Don t Stop At The Top (Children of Bodom)
7. Dark Lady (Agent Steel)
8. Top Of The Bill (Steel Prophet)
9. Dampflockfuhrer (Prolopower)
10. Coming Home (Tankard)
11. Coast To Coast (Disbelief)
12. Passion Rules The Game(To/Die/For)
13. Pictured Life (Breaker)
14. Polar Nights (Therion)
15. Is There Anybody There (Rough Silk)
16. Another Peace Of Meat (Metalium)
17. Alien Nation (Seven Witches)
18. Send Me An Angel (Custard)
19. Rock You Like A Hurricane (S.O.D)

If you know some of the bands, you may be surprised by their different sound. At first, ‘Children of Bodom’ and sonata Arctica’, covers are damn great !

5.0 out of 5 stars The best tribute album, ever!!!,
The words can’t describe the joy I feel when I’m listening to this album. Ever track on here is worth listening to (except for the last one by S.O.D. which isn’t even a minute in leangth). My favoret track on here is Sonata Arcticas cover of “Still Loving You.” Buy it, buy it, buy it, buy it, buy it!!!!!!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars FINALLY DONE RICHT,
The Scorpions never sounded better. This tribute is well worth adding to your archives of metal. Inspired by the pioneers of metal, you can’t help but like this one. Take away Therions cover of Crying Days and Rough Silks version of Is There Anybody There and your left with 16 killer tracks. The best thing about the cd is the artists choices of songs. Helloweens cover of Hes a Woman Shes a man is fast and heavy as well as Paradoxs version of Dynamite. The covers hit the Scorps when they were definatly at thier best, older tracks such as Top of the Bill, Dark Lady, and Pictured Life. Tankards cover of Coming Home is SUPPER SPEEDY, the best it can get. I HIGHLY recommend this cd. ONE OF THE BEST COVERS YOU’LL FIND OUT TODAY!

5.0 out of 5 stars Overall, Not too Shabby, but…,
Several sad bands but thanks to Helloween, Sonata Arctica (Awesome), Tankard, Therion, and especially Children Of Bodom it is worthy of 5 stars. Many of the bands were just boring, even sub-metal. Helloween, Tankard, and Therion stayed true to their styles… excellent bands as usual. Sinergy did a fine job… good to throw a female vocalist in there. Sonata Arctica blew me away with their progressive shock on the heavy cover of Still Loving You.
Now what really made this album was the fact that Children of Bodom (my favorite band) played just awesomely ! It was really wonderful to hear death metal growls shouting “Don’t Stop At the Top” and thats not even the real reason I love them so much. Unfortunately COB were the only DM band here… but they definately made this album Worth the Money ! Great guitar work through the whole album also makes me listen to this over and over.

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