A TRIBUTE TO MORBID ANGEL: Scream forth blasphemy CD (Sealed CD)! 1996. 15 songs • 58 minutes. Check audio (all songs)


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A TRIBUTE TO MORBID ANGEL: Scream forth blasphemy
With established death bands like Mangled, Centurian, Angel Corpse, Headhunter D.C, Diabolic, Withered Earth, Mystifier, Draconis, Black Witchery, Infamy, Damnation, Coffin Texts, The Chasm, Aurora Borealis, Exmortis.

Check audio (all songs):  https://music.youtube.com/channel/MPREb_KKjXTU697nN 

Still factory sealed in shrink wrapping. 

Still factory sealed in shrink wrapping. 

CHECK SAMPLES: www.allmusic.com/album/scream-forth-blasphemy-a-tribute-to-morbid-angel-mw0000621232

Track listing
1. Visions From the Dark Side – Mangled
2. Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost – Centurian
3. Demon Seed – Angelcorpse
4. Blessed Are The Sick / Desolate Ways – Headhunter D.C.
5. Rapture – Diabolic
6. Day of Suffering – Withered Earth
7. The Invocation / Chapel Of Ghouls – Mustifier
8. Evil Spells – Draconis
9. Unholy Blasphemies – Black Witchery
10. Fall From Grace – Infamy
11. Bleed For the Devil – Damnation
12. Thy Kingdom Come – Coffin Texts
13. Abominations – The Chasm
14. Ancient Ones, The – Aurora Borealis
15. God of Emptiness – Exmortus

Duration 57:56


Original- NOT a copy or reproduction
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5.0 out of 5 stars AWESOME CD
This is a great CD!!! one of the best tribute albums anywhere, the second i heard “Diabolic” covering “Rapture” I HAD to buy this album!!! It is impeccable, the sound is great, the bands are great, and everything is perfect abut it. I wish i could’ve given it 10 stars!
5.0 out of 5 stars SCREAM FORTH BLASPHEMY!!!!!
This CD pays tribute to one of the finest death metal band ever! yes some might say that tributes are a waste time and money! But I have head some that totally suck but not this one! finally to any true morbid angel fan you love it and if you not a fan of the group this CD just might turn you in to one!!!
5.0 out of 5 stars SCREAM!!!!!
This tribute pays homage to the first fine death metal band to get signed to a major label. There is not one song i don’t like, although i was kinda disappointed with Mystifier’s “Chapel of Ghouls” not that’s it bad because its certainly good, i just had higher expectations. anyway. This album is really good, my fav tracks would probably have to be the Draconis, Black Witchery, and Infamy tracks. Excellent covers. Excellent CD. If you like morbid angel you should be used to death metal vocals so buy this now. Even as one reviewer said, “this CD might turn you into a morbid angel fan if your not.”

Swim past the Seagraves and other captivating pieces of artwork that legendary old school death metal band Morbid Angel has employed throughout their discography.

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