20 Anos de TARANTULA Tributo PROMO CD 2001. RARE. Ramp, Oratory, In Solitude, The Firstborn, Demon Dagger, etc. Great cover versions. Check audio


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20 Years of Tarantula – Tribute is an album commemorating 20 years of the bands career Portuguese heavy metal Tarantula. Portuguese, Brazilian heavy metal bands participated in this CD. This PROMO album was published in 2001 by Recital Records.

Format: CD, Compilation, Promo, Carbdoard 
Country: Portugal
Released: 2001

The Fever Experience – Intro
Ramp – Light Beyond The Dark
Anger – If You Close Your Eyes
Genocide – Power Tower
Oratory – Lusitania
In Solitude – Falling World
The Firstborn – The Lost Crown
Evidence – Looking For Heroes
The Fire – Freedoms Call
Rebellion – The Great Dragon
Downthroat – Battle Of Victory
Melodrama – Warning Sign
Attick Demons – Fear
Demon Dagger – Big Liar
Web – The Candle
Nordica – Leaving All The Past Behind
Drakkar – Inner Force

Playing time: 71:50

20 years of TARANTULA. Reason enough for Portuguese Recital-label to initiate a tribute-sampler for them.
On to the best bands: ORATORY (with really nice Power Metal, and all sceptics shall know that singer Ana Lara has improved a lot over the debut “Illusion Dimension”!), IN SOLITUDE with their earthy Heavy Rock, THE FIRSTBORN (fast Black Death with some keyboards, plus some operatic female vocals and oriental melodies in the middle part), MELODRAMA (good Melodic Metal with good vocals), NORDICAs Heavy Rock and the traditional Metal of DRAKKAR.