DEMOLITION: Road Is Free CD. Rare Japanese import. Japanese Hardcore Thrash metal. Venom, Motorhead. Check audio.



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Japanese Hardcore Punk Crossover Thrash Metal
Demolition ‎– Road Is Free
Label: Answer Records ‎– ANS-016
Format: CD
Country: Japan
Released: 2000
01 Road Is Free
02 Shoot Till Their Eyes Are Closed
03 Deadly As The Viper
04 Dressed To Kill
05 Vicious Fucker
A band from Nagoya in Japan. Hardcore metallic and punk sound.
CD has five songs (15 minutes). Hard-rock guitar solos are inserted with a hard core punk and a slash metal crossover involving a death metallic guitar style. Also Venom and Motorhead influences are present.
All 5 compositions have catchy choruses and hooks and violent punk rock and roll penetrating vocals.