MEDIEVAL DEATH / MORDICUS Brewtality Films LLC super fun reaction video made by true Metalheads that love and support underground music!

These guys are probably the fastest YouTubers on the planet. They listened to the music, done their research, reacted to both Yperano band videos MEDIEVAL DEATH and MORDICUS and completed the post production of their video within an hour. Can you believe that? You should, because it’s true.  On top of that … oh Lordy, what a lively presentation. They loved the Medieval Death and Mordicus music, they absolutely did. We had a great time seeing them enjoy the music so much, throwing the horns, headbanging, commenting, analysing the music. Underground Metal Record label managers live for moments like this. For the buzz that we get from these type of people; true fans that love our music, that understand what’s going on with DIY projects and small labels that are on a very tight budget. Brewtality Films LLC have a really good understanding of all that stuff, because they have to work with very tight budgets for their filming projects. We can only wish them the best from the bottom of our hearts and thank them for this wonderful and very lively reaction video. You guys absolutely rule!!! We salute you….

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