How to buy our ORGANIC, low acidity, chemical free, extra virgin olive oil!

IF interested to order, please use the contact form of this website CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE CONTACT FORM or email directly INFO  [AT]  YPERANO [DOT] COM

Happy to have a Skype session, if you want to talk in real time. If you have any questions and you feel that talking in real time is better for you, request a Skype session. (Don’t forget to specify a day and a time).

If you are visiting Western Crete at any point and want to check our olive grove out, we can arrange a visit. If you want to buy olive oil during your visit, we could even go to the courier (that will deliver the oil to your home address) together.

As of the 24th of September 2023 our price is  €22 (Euros) / £19 GBP per litre.

We accept cash, and bank transfers. Hit this link here to learn more!
Yperano is trading as a record label and a mail order shop since the 1990s, so relax and enjoy, dealing with us is safe and you will be satisfied.

-Where we sell:
We sell to customers across Europe. (Travels by air, arrives at your door in 7 days).    For our UK customers we can also use a van for transportation to cut on the transportation expenses (sending by air costs more). You don’t pay additional customs fees.
We can also sell to customers in Australia, Canada, and the USA.
(If you are based elsewhere, we will make enquiries and let you know if our oil can be transported to you).

– Packaging and sizes offered:
The oil is always professionally packed in special wooden constructions that secure the tin / the tins properly. (The use of wooden boxes is compulsory when the oil has to travel by air or by boat).

The tins that you see in all the above pictures are 17 litre tins.  The 17 litres tin saves you money.

If you need your oil in several small tins or bottles, there is going to be an additional cost (more tins, bottles and protective packaging to buy, a lot of time and effort to transfer the oil as we don’t own specialised bottling facilities). Better keep it simple.

We can’t offer small tins or bottles to our UK customers when using a van for transportation. Brexit lows are in place and we are only allowed to send tins of 5 litres, not a smaller size than that! You might want to order one 5 litre tin, two 5 litre tins, three 5 litre tins, or four 5 litre tins, but it always has to be in 5 litre tins! That’s the UK regulations, nothing we can do about it.

The three sizes of tins that we can work with: 5 litres, 10 litres and (what we consider to be the best option), tins that hold 17 litres of olive oil.

– Transportation costs:
We better not give you examples of the current cost for transporting our oil. We find this type of exercise pointless, as transportation prices change very often, plus we can’t give you an accurate price, if we don’t know how many litres you want to order and where you live, so that we can immediately contact the couriers we work with, and be able to quote an accurate price. So talk to us first.

As in general, regarding transportation costs, it makes sense to order at least 10 litres of olive oil and have either a 10 litre tin, or two 5 litre tins delivered to your door (2 tins X 5 litres = 10 litres). If you order less than 10 litres, you end up paying more than you should, because the couriers that we use, are proportionately charging more for the transportation of smaller tins in smaller containers.                                                                                              The couriers that we work with, don’t recommend deliveries that are below the threshold of 10 litres. We totally agree; ordering less than 10 litres of olive oil is pretty pointless.

We can’t offer our usual Yperano shopping cart facilities for olive oil, because there are way too many variables and parameters that need to be taken into consideration, including the location of our potential clients in case that they live in far away destinations.

How, where to pay (here is all the info regarding how you can pay) HIT THIS LINK.

  • Please note that the price of olive oil has doubled within a year (from 2022 to 2023). That’s right, it went up by exactly 100% because the two biggest producers Spain and Italy, have massive problems with their crops (severe draughts and deadly tree diseases). When there is less oil available, prices inevitably go up.  You might have also noticed that many other products and services in your home country have become way more expensive within the last year, so olive oil is one of the many products that became more expensive; we will never see pre 2022 prices again. If you know what is good for you, buy now and consume later. You can keep it on storage for a really long time anyway.  (Even though we shouldn’t even have to bring this up… Obviously, returns are not accepted at any stage!)


Here is how much fairly good olive oil that was produced in Crete, and wasn’t moved out of the island (had no added costs for transportation), will cost you if you happen to visit Crete for holidays in 2023

61 Euros per litre for fancy bottles of olive oil. We sell our olive oil in tins and bottles that are not that fancy (to keep prices low), but for some buyers that suffer from the dreaded “shinny object syndrome”, tins are not sexy enough. (Give them the exact same olive oil in cute little bottles, and they are happy to pay through the nose). Don’t be like them, there is no need to buy at prices like this, here and pay 97 Euros per litre !!


  • our ORGANIC, low acidity, chemical free, extra virgin olive oil has the highest value, as it is not mass produced, sprayed to death, or mixed with dubious oils of unknown origin. This is not a “standard” cheap supermarket oil. So yes, it does cost more than the rancid supermarket oils, but it comes from a Single Estate, has an acidity of 0.2 to 0.3 and is cold pressed. Given its qualities and the labour intensive / time consuming methods of its production, the price is pretty reasonable.